Fighter Kites in Chile

Here are a few photos of fighter kites, known as "cometas" flown in Chile.  These are handmade kites, the skin of the kite is made from paper, and the spars are made from wooden sticks (similar to bamboo).  The kite line is coated with quatrz.

Photo from the Inter-Regional Championship in Viña del Mar.
 Left to Right:  Luis Cárdenas, second place, from "Club Flecha"; Alejandro Valenzuela "Club Dolphins";
[unknown flier] member of "Crossed Club". 

These Kites from "Club Flecha" took 2nd in the Inter-Regional Championship in Viña del Mar.

Beautiful kites!  Made from paper.

Colorful Dolphin kite.

NOTE:  Photos displayed with permission, and provided by Roberto Ricardo Milla Salas  of "Club Arrow" from Rancagua, Chile.  
The club has a website at  [As of 7/04 it is under modification, so the link doesn't work right now] 

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