The Avi Resort Hotel - Laughlin, Nevada
Aerial Kite Festivals


'Art In the Sky' Kite fly - Bullhead City, Arizona

This has become our second most favorite kiting event next to WSIKF!
The Avi Resort Hotel located in Laughlin, Nevada sponsored several kite festivals. They provided rooms for the fliers, coupons for meals, and a flying field right outside the hotel building which is also visable from the windows of the buffet room.
The 1997 and 1998 festivals were jointly held with a Chili cook-off and Motorcycle show, pins were made for these two events. If you are interested in obtaining one, email me....I'll trade ya!

There were no Avi Hotel Kite Fests in 1999 and 2000.

In Oct. 2001, Kathy Plummer from Dream Merchant (Arizona) was able to get the Ramada Inn Express Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada to help sponsor another Kite Event which was held across the Colorado River at the city park in Bullhead City, Arizona.

Avi Hotel Kite Fest - Laughlin, NV Nov. 1996  Mar. 1997 Nov. 1997 & 1998
Art in theSky Kite fly - Bullhead City, AZ  Oct. 2001 Oct. 2002

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