Art in the Sky 

Kite Fly

Oct. 18 - 20, 2002

Bullhead City, Arizona

King Tut  - Made by Dorine Imbach, 1992

Dorine Imbach and Gail Lindsay trying to assemble a
lawn decoration

Johnny with Dorine and Paul Imbach

4 yr. old. Seth flying his handmade kite with the help of Rusty.

Ed and Gail Lindsay with one of Gail's kites.

"THIS IS THE LIFE!" -- Two different photos of Spencer (6) flying his kite.

Roger Maddy managed to find some wind for his kites

Gail's ready to launch her kite.
The Colorado River and Harrah's Hotel & Casino on the
Laughlin side of the river makes for a great backdrop.

Michelle and Summer have a go at flying fighters

Johnny and Skylar have some fun.

Paul is inspecting one of Johnny's kites.

Here comes Rylan with dad's (Randy Shannon) squirrel kite

Steve Bateman, Ken Smith, Johnny, Donna & Bruce

The "S&R" Gang is Back!!
Spencer, Shelly, Summer, Ramsey, Skylar, Rylan and Seth.
If they weren't flying kites, they were playing at the edge of  the Colorado River.

Brandon Eller's Desert scene Rok caught Randy's squirrel.

Kathy Plummer's Ramada Express kite made it up a few times,
Rusty had a hard time flying it in the light winds.

There wasn't enough wind to fly, so Corey (sitting in Chair)
is entertaining the troops.

Rick Miller's large kite makes it up once or twice saturday.                                               Rick has some help from Steve

Steve and Johnny both landed their fighters up in the tree for fun (Red & Silver kites)

"What can we do with these kites next?"

Spectacular Sunset over the Colorado River, looking at Harrah's in Laughlin, NV

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