Art in the Sky 

Kite Fly

Oct 19 - 21, 2001

Bullhead City, Arizona


Saturday morning in the dining room

Lots of sun today, high's in the 90's

Ramsey Shannon and Michelle clowning around

The Colorado Belle Riverboat takes a ride down the river.

Sam Houston helps Randy Shannon and 
his son Rylan put up a play sail as a tent. 
The Gang's all here!!
Summer, Skylar, Spencer, Michelle, Ramsey 
and Rylan (hiding behind his shirt)

Johnny flying a purple indian mylar fighter

Randy Shannon's Leaf Kite

Johnny & Steve flying their fighters out over the river.

Steve's white kite and Johnny's black kite are barely
above the surface of the Colorado River as they spin.
Watch out for those jet skiers!!
What do you do when there's no wind?? 
Chuck offer's the young at heart a ride in his boat.

Steve, Johnny & Michelle

Johnny and Steve are at it again, the wind shifted inland
this time.

Opps!! The kite Johnny was flying (given to him by 
Mike Coons at WSIKF) is stuck in the bush.

Kite is rescued with only a few pin holes
made by the thorns from the bush.

The Hsiung and Beria families take an evening stroll 
after dinner. The Ramada Express Hotel (behind us) is 
where most of the fliers stayed for the weekend.


Sunday morning: cloudy skies, cooler temp, some light 
breezes on and off, sometimes there was no wind at all. 
A few fighter fliers trying to practice.

Randy & Steve, Ken & Charlie discussing fighters when 
the wind disappears again.

Michelle  and 

Summer flying fighters

Rusty helping a young boy make a kite.

Brandon, Randy, Basir and Charlie with a few of 
Basir's unique Afghani fighters.

Group Photo - Sunday Oct.21, 2001

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