Fritz Hertel
Associate Professor 
Ph.D.  University of California,
Los Angeles                                            


Phone: 818-677-3353
Fax: 818-677-2034
Office Location: SC1318

Most of my research concerns the functional morphology of birds and mammals and its relationship to ecological segregation among species.   I am also interested in macroevolutionary questions such as how morphological and functional diversity
compares among recent and fossil communities (e.g., vultures, raptors, owls, seabirds).

Current Research Projects:

Selected Publications:

Hertel, F., D. Martinez, M. Lemus, and J. C. Torres-Mura (2005).  Birds from
    Chungungo, Tilgo, and Pajaros Islands in north-central Chile.  Journal of Field Ornithology 76(2): 197-203.

Maldonado, J. E., F. Hertel, and C. Vilà (2004).  Discordant patterns of morphological
    variation in genetically divergent populations of ornate shrews (Sorex ornatus).  Journal of
    Mammalogy 85(5):886-896.

Hertel, F. and J. C. Torres-Mura (2003).  Discovery of a breeding colony of Elliot's
    Storm–Petrel (Oceanites gracilis Hydrobatidae) in Chile.  Ornitología
Neotropical 14: 113-115.

Schultz, J. D., F. Hertel, M. Bauch, and B. A. Schlinger (2001).  Adaptations for rapid and forceful
    contraction in wing muscles of the male golden-collared manakin: sex and species comparisons.
    Journal of Comparative Physiology A 187 ( 9): 677-684.

Hertel, F. and L. T. Ballance
(1999).  Wing ecomorphology of seabirds from Johnston Atoll.
    Condor  101(3): 549-556.

Hertel, F. and N. Lehman (1998).  A randomized nearest neighbor approach for assessment of
    character displacement: the vulture guild as a model.  Journal of Theoretical Biology 190: 51-61.

Van Valkenburgh, B. and F. Hertel (1998).  The decline of North American predators during the late
    Pleistocene.  Pp. 357-374 In Quaternary Paleozoology in the Northern  Hemisphere,  J. J.  Saunders,
    B.W. Styles, & G. F. Baryshnikov (Eds.).  Ill. State  Mus. Sci. Papers, Vol. X XVII.

Roy, M. S., J. C. Torres-Mura, and F. Hertel (1998).  Evolution and history of hummingbirds
    (Aves: Trochilidae) from the Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile.  Ibis 140(2): 265-273.

Hertel, F. (1995).  Ecomorphological indicators of feeding behavior in Recent and fossil raptors.
    Auk  112(4): 890-903.

Hertel, F. (1994).  Diversity in body size and feeding morphology within past and present vulture
    assemblages.  Ecology 75(4): 1074-1084.

Van Valkenburgh, B.and F. Hertel (1993).  Tough times at La Brea: Tooth breakage in large carnivores
    of the Late Pleistocene.  Science 261: 456-460.

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