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Recently there has been an increasing interest in Hydrogen and the way it can be used as substitution for other fuels. Since Hydrogen produces and generates large amount of energy at time of burning and it is easily accessible on earth, it could be an excellent replacement for other fuels such as natural gas, petroleum, or gasoline.


My project aims at understanding the electrical structure of NaAlH4, which is a promising material for storage of Hydrogen. Various characteristics of this metal have been determined in different steps of the project using CASTEP (Cambridge Sequential Total Energy Package) in order to give better understanding of the future usage.



Farnaz G. Tabrizi

California State University Northridge

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Center for Computetional Materials Theory








Click here to see:

Density Of States ( Al )

Density of States ( Na )

Density Of States ( H )





Each unit cell has:

16 Hydrogen

4 Sodium

4 Aluminum