Sunday, April 10 | 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Room# Educ. 1214 | BBS Approved \ 7 CEHs
XEDU 916 – 2113-19122

This full day workshop will cover the many characteristics and legal aspects of working with domestic violence cases. Scott Barrella, DV Treatment Expert, will present many case examples of effective interventions with batterers based on his 20 years of clinical experience.  Mr. Barrella will present several innovative approaches and new treatment techniques to confront abusers. Also included are successful treatment strategies with children and battered partners who struggle with their own path to recovery. These are deceptive and complicated cases and many misperceptions and barriers to change come up. Through attending this workshop, Mr. Barrella will provide the vital tips needed to be a well-informed mental health professional who deals with domestic violence cases. Even if this area is not your focus, this workshop will give you valuable information to make informed decisions and referrals. Do not miss your opportunity to take away real tools to apply in your practice!


is the Clinical Director of Cornerstone Counseling Center.  Cornerstone has several locations in both Los Angeles and Ventura County where they offer court-approved programs.  The Family Law programs include Parenting and Co-Custody Parenting classes.  The Criminal Programs (Probation and Parole Approved) include Anger Management and Batterers Treatment.  Mr. Barrella has authored Four Treatment Books used by professionals internationally.  He also is a sought-after resource for LA City Fire Department, NBC Dateline, the Dr. Phil Show, and Law Enforcement departments.  He has been a repeated resource for the Oprah Winfrey Show and once appeared on the show as a guest expert.  Several celebrity clients have also reached out to Scott as a therapist, group counselor and life coach.

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