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Annual Welcome & Welcome Back Bash

The "Annual Welcome & Welcome Back Bash" is held in Fall as a morning of socializing, networking, uniting & inspiration along with a delicious brunch. We welcome renewing members, incoming students, new members and the new MFT A/SN Board of Directors. Additionally, there is a wonderful and informative presentation [see below] featuring a current professional in the MFT field where you can earn one hour of continuing education.

Annual Breakfast Banquet

The "Annual Breakfast Banquet" is held in Spring to honor our members who are the graduatig classes of CSUN and Channel Islands, members of the MFT-A/SN Network for outstanding service and faculty member of the year. Also, awards are given to those members that have applied and met the requirements of the scholarship. The banquet features Presenters [see below] who discuss relevant issues in the MFT field providing attendees one hour of continuing education. A wonderful buffet is provided.

Honored Faculty

  • The following faculty members were selected by membership to be honored as Faculty Member of the Year:
    • Henry Talifer, JD, Ph.D.
    • Stan Charnofsky, Ed.D., MFT
    • Luis Rublacava, Ph.D.

The Ruth Halpert Memorial Scholarship:

  • The Ruth Halpert Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 was presented to:
    • 2009 Maya Dennis
    • 2008 Dominic Tonn
    • 2007 Sandy Killackey
    • 2006 Ryan Burns
    • 2005 Holly Sparks
    • 2004 Jacqueline Cohen
    • 2003 Jo Ann Tennyson
    • 2002 Jodi McIntosh
    • 2001 Jetta Zellner

The Stan Charnofsky Book Award:

  • The Stan Charnofsky $300 Book Award [$250 prior to 2009] was awarded to:
    • 2009 Karen Evangelista-Reyes
    • 2008 Pedro Palafox
    • 2007 Michele McCarty
    • 2006 Lucy Gulatyan
    • 2005 Jan Leegard
    • 2004 Sharon Aronson-Rill
    • 2003 Sarah Nicholson
    • 2002 Kelley Morrow
    • 2001 Jodi McIntosh
    • 2000 Carol Dafesh
    • 1999 Gil Sharabie


  • The recipient of our 2002 Special Service Award of $100 was Sage Dakota.



10/2009 DENNIS PALUMBO, Therapist to the Hollywood Crowd. Former writer for Welcome Back Kotter.  Title of presentation - Counseling In The Entertainment Industry

05/2009 Dr. ANNIE THIEL, "Therapist to the Stars" - clinical psychologist, marriage & family therapist, researcher and writer, media personality, and chairperson of Malibu Global Awareness (support organization for Doctors Without Borders).


10/2008  IAN RUSS, Ph.D., President of the Board of Behavioral Sciences.  Family Therapist in Private Practice.  Adjunct Assistant Professor University of Judaism.

05/2008 PATRICIA TEAGUE, A graduate of our Camarillo campus about 6 years ago. She has a fabulous private practice and in the schools up in Ojai.

12/2007 JESSICA WILKENS, M.S., Clinical Director, Alcott Center. Title of presentation - “Working with Severely Disturbed Individuals”

05/2007 JOAN MALTESE, M.S., Director of the Child Development Institute in Woodland Hills and Adjunct Faculty member in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling.

11/2006 BERNIE NISENHOLZ, Ed.D. Title of presentation - "Psychology:  There Are No Heroes”

05/2006 JOSE LUIS FLORES, Jose Luis Flores has been core faculty since 1990 and was Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program, 2002 – 2005 at Phillips Graduate Institute.  Additionally, he has served as director and supervisor of the Latino Family Therapy Program since 1978.

05/2005 MICHAEL LAURENT, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist in California; Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California. Associate Professor, California State University, Northridge.


05/2004 MARV CHERNOFF, P.h.D. Title of presentation - "The Creative Psychologist”


11/2004 CAROLYN COSTIN, LMFT, MA, M.Ed. Founder and Clinical Director, Monte Nido Treatment Center Originally founded The Eating Disorder Center of California Author of two books and another small manuscript and is on the editorial board of The Eating Disorder Journal of Treatment and Prevention. Title of presentation - "Understanding Eating Disorders".

05/2003 NICKIE GODFREY, M.A., LMFT Clinician at John F. Kennedy High school Based Clinic and A Gestalt Therapist In Private Practice In The Valley. Title of presentation - "Managing the Excitement & Anxiety of Graduating in Troubled Times”

05/2002 Helaine Z. Harris, M.A., M.F.T. Internationally acclaimed Marriage and Family Therapist, author of the award winning book Are you in Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game. Title of presentation - Combining multi-modalities to enrich yourself as a therapist."

09/2002 HENRY TALIFER, JD, Ph.D., Title of presentation - "Finding Your Way With Law and Ethics"




05/2001 SCOTT BARRELLA, M.S., M.F.T. Counselor, Consultant and Instructor Director, Supervisor and Group Treatment Specialist at Cornerstone Counseling Center Domestic Violence Counseling Strategies: From Resistance To Real Change. Title of presentation - "Domestic Violence Counseling Strategies."


09/2000 RIE ROGERS MITCHELL, Ph.D., ABPP, RPT-S Chair for the MFCC program at California State University, Northridge. Title of presentation - "Topics in Child Therapy: A Case Presentation"



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