CCTC Six Standards Activity Log Sample Page


Standard 1: Facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a school or district vision of learning that shared and supported by the school.


Date(s) of Activity     Description of Activity                                               Total Time



Activity #1

Nov 2007 to                Preparation of Revision to update our schools   17 hours

March 2008                 Single Plan for Student Achievement. Met and

collaborated with Administrative staff, teachers

and parents to develop and finalize the contents

of the SPSA. Communicated and monitored

                                    sub-committees as they accomplished and submitted

 the final product that they has been assigned.


Activity #2

Fall, 2007                     Responsible for the coordinating and scheduling of             12 hours

                                    our schools Shared Decision Making Council.

                                    Prepared and submitted Parent and Teacher notices to

                                    the Principal for approval prior to distribution to all

                                    stakeholders. Contacted School District personnel for

                                    assistance with the parent representative elections.

                                    Once committee members were finalized I assumed the

                                    responsibility of developing a master schedule for all

                                    meetings, securing locations for meetings and posting



Activity #3

May-June, 2007           Participated as a member of the committee at our school           8 hours

                                    to develop a School-wide Discipline for implementation

                                    in  Fall, 2007. Assisted with research by collecting existing

                                    Discipline plans from neighboring schools and communicating

                                    with the appropriate school district office personnel for

direction. Our Discipline Plan was approved in June, 2007 and implemented with the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year.