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Beginning with the Fall, 2008 semester all ELPS students enrolling in ELPS 600 Research in Education will begin the preparation of their portfolio during the first semester of enrollment in the Preliminary Services Credential Program (Tier I)..


The Portfolio contents, to be submitted during the semester that the student is enrolled in ELPS 688 will have four major components.


  1. Action Research Leadership Project-ELPS 600-Research in Education


All students will begin their Action Research Leadership Project (ARLP) as part of the requirements for completing ELPS 600. The Instructor will guide the student through the process of completing an Action Research Project which includes, but not limited to, research concepts, methods, and the relationship to K-12 and Higher Education practices. (Please review the ELPS 600 Course Outline on the ELPS webpage)


The finished Action Research Leadership Project and supporting documents will be submitted to the ELPS 688 (Fieldwork) as part of their Portfolio. (Please see number 5 below.) Additionally, the ARLP Proposal submitted in ELPS 600 will need to be included.


  1. ELPS 688-Fieldwork Portfolio


Course Exemplars

Each student will assume the responsibility of selecting a written course assignment from each the following listed courses and placing a final copy of the document (ungraded) in the portfolio. The exemplar assignments should be representative of the best work completed by the student for that specific course.


Additionally each student is to identify the leadership and/or skill(s) activity as it relates to the CCTC standard(s) that each assignment represents.


Exemplars required from the following ELPS courses:


ELPS 650 Contemporary Administrative Leadership

ELPS 663 Legal Aspects of Educational Administration

ELPS 664 Business and Financial Aspects of Educational Administration

ELPS 672 Management of Human Resources

ELPS 676 School Community Relations

ELPS 681 Organization and Administration of Elementary, Secondary and

                  Special Education

ELPS 682 Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction


  1. Six Standards Activities Log


Beginning with the first semester of participation in the ELPS Tier I Program each student will maintain a written log that addresses the CCTC Six Standards for Preliminary Administrative Credential Candidates. The student is to identify and summarize 3 different activities that are representative for each of the six standards (please review Suggested Fieldwork Activities on the ELPS webpage).

A reflection of 2-4 pages of these 18 activities is to be included in this section of the portfolio.


Attached you will find a “sample” page with format to use for the Activities Log.


Each of the Six pages (1 page per Standard, 3 activities on each page) will require the signature of the on-site administrative supervisor for verification.


  1. Shadow experiences


Each candidate will be required to Shadow at least two administrators at different levels and sites (e.g. elementary/secondary) for at least three hours each.  A write up of the description of this experience, that includes the leadership skills/styles observed and their direct relationship to dispositions and standards will need to be included. A reflection of these two experiences is to be included in the Portfolio.


Students may submit a Shadow experience that has previously been submitted in another ELPS course. However, the pre-written shadow experience may not be used as an exemplar under #2.


  1. ELPS 688-Instructor Responsibilities


The assigned 688 Instructor is required to collect the portfolio no earlier than the 10th week of the semester in which the student is enrolled in 688.

All 688 instructors will evaluate the completed portfolio using the Portfolio Rubric and will provide each student that has submitted a completed portfolio a copy of the Portfolio Feedback Form and a copy of the Portfolio Rubric for student and instructor signature.



Note: all work is to be submitted on Word Document.