Dayanthie S. Weeraratne
Assistant Professor
California State University, Northridge

Postdoc Carnegie Institution of Washington, DTM
Ph. D. Brown University 
B.S., M.S. University of Oregon 

Reference list and downloads

Geology of the Planet Earth (GEOL 101)
Mathematical Tools for Geology (GEOL 452/L)
Geodynamics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors (GEOL 546/L)
Seismology (GEOL 595-SP/L)

Research interests

During a hiking trip many years ago to the site of the Mt. St. Helen's volcanic eruption, I was first exposed to indications of activity in the Earth's interior. My curiousity and interest in solid Earth geophysics has grown through continued research using techniques in seismology and geophysical fluid dynamics. I am particularly interested in evolutionary processes for continental lithospheric formation, marine geophysical study of oceanic mantle dynamics, intraplate volcanism, and hotspot-ridge interactions, as well as whole mantle convection problems for the Earth and other planets. Observations from seismology, geochemistry, and geological studies are vitally intertwined with theoretical and geodynamic modeling and these interdisciplinary fields can help constrain complex geological systems.


Rayleigh waves

Seismic Anisotropy in the Himalaya
*Western Himalayan Syntaxis
*Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis

                                            Fluid dynamics

Mantle convection
Viscous fingering

GLIMPSE Expedition
Seismology & geodynamics at DTM
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics


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R & D

Mt. St. Helen's eruption Oct. 1, 2004

Venus Transit