Hispanic Population of Los Angeles


Hispanics (largely of Mexican descent, but also many Central and South Americans) can be found in almost every area of the greater Los Angeles area, but there are several areas where they have aggregated in large numbers.

The largest populations of Hispanics can be found in the East Los Angeles area, just east of downtown, and to the south of Vernon in the communities of Maywood, Huntington Park, Bell, and South Gate.  Also, the Westlake area contains a large concentration of Hispanic people.  To the east, the San Gabriel Valley is an area that contains a large population of Hispanic people, especially in the communities of El Monte, Baldwin Park, Irwindale, and West Covina.

In the San Fernando Valley, much of the eastern and northern area is poplutated by Hispanics, but they also have a sizable presence in the western communites of Canoga Park, Reseda, and the northern section of Tarzana.  In the south, a large change is occuring in the Orange County area.  Once a largely White Population, areas such as Santa Ana and Anaheim now have large Hispanic populations.

While they are largely clustered in the poorer sections of the Metro Los Angeles area, there are growing numbers of Hispanics in the more affluent areas as well, as a larger number of Hispanics are becoming better educated and, via upward mobility, are able to move into areas that have greater concentration of high per-capita income families.


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