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To support and encourage an interest in the field of Deaf Studies

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what is the d.s.a. ?

The Deaf Studies Association was chartered as an affiliated organization under Associated Students, Inc., in October of 1989. The Association exists to support and encourage an interest in the field of Deaf Studies.

We seek to increase public awareness in the field of Deaf Studies by promoting unity among members through academic, professional, and social involvement. We seek to support students pursuing a carreer involving Deaf Studies at CSUN. And, we seek to have fun while increasing our awareness of the Deaf community and culture.

The Association is open to any current CSUN student or alumnus with an interest in the field of Deaf Studies. Sign language expertise is not required, and interpreting services are available at all events (except Sign Language Club) upon request.

who's who of dsa


Stacey Kitteridge

Vice President

Bryan Kritzeck


Kelsey Mitchell


Ashley Boss

Faculty Advisor

Jordan Eickman

other stuff

The DSA hosted an open forum discussion to share information regarding the Gallaudett University student protests and its impact on the Deaf community.

View the video of this discussion and other resources at the following web address: http://www.csun.edu/~patrickb/GP/Gally.html

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