To those who perished,
To those who fought,
To those who lived to cherish their thoughts,
Introduction Your Task... The Process you must follow... How your work will be Evaluated...
How's it all gonna End? Get to know me... Bibliography & Cited Works...
You will create a Website about Anne Frank, Abba Kovner & Elie Wiesel.
Your Website Must Include the Following...


Interesting, Innovative & Relevant Graphics
Biographical Information about Anne Frank
Biographical Information about Abba Kovner
Biographical Information about Elie Wiesel
5 - 10 External Links to Relevant Websites dealing with the Holocaust
2 Definitions of Genocide: 1 Dictionary & 1 in YOUR OWN WORDS
Your Name, Grade Level, and School
Credits & Bibliographic Content


You've heard the rumors. You've read some tales. Now, it's time for you to discover for yourself, and to always...


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