Data for Low Correlation Sequences from Linear Combinations of Characters

The paper can be found at:

Kelly T. R. Boothby and Daniel J. Katz, Low Correlation Sequences from Linear Combinations of Characters, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 63(10): 6158-6178 (2017).

A preprint version is available at:

arXiv: 1602.04514 [cs.IT]

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The data files used to produce each figure in the paper (along with summary files that describe how to read the data file) are organized by Figure number. An overall description of the contents is in readme.txt.
Figure 1graphquart-1-to-2000-nat-survey.txt
Figure 2graphleg-quart-1-to-2000-nat-survey.txt
Figure 3graphquart-1-to-2000-app-survey.txt
Figure 4graphleg-quart-1-to-2000-app-survey.txt
Figure 5graphinfinite-cross-merit-1-to-100-survey.txt

The programs used to produce the data files are described in readme.txt. The executable codes, compiled for the AMD64 architecture under GNU/Linux, are presented here.
Figures 1 and 3histogramsquartic-prime-survey
Figures 2 and 4graphsleg-quartic-prime-survey
Figure 5graphsinfinite-cross-merit