Potential trainees from the College of Science and Mathematics, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and College of Health and Human Development may choose from a variety of participant laboratories here at CSUN

Student research potential and capabilities will be enhanced by exposing them to sophisticated and modern research techniques employed in the proposed areas of biophysics, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, psychology, neurophysiology, and microbiology.  All students will be provided with research opportunities and guidance in biomedical research projects from outstanding CSUN scientists.

Participating Faculty Mentors

MARC Faculty

Dr. Juana Mora (Psychology)
Dr. Maria Elena Zavala (Biology)
Dr. Paul H. Tomasek (Biology)
Dr. Paul Wilson (Biology)
Dr. Paula M. Schiffman (Biology)
Dr. Ramin Vakilian (Mathematics)
Dr. Steven B. Oppenheimer (Biology)

Dr. Aida Metzenberg (Biology)
Dr. Cheryl Hogue (Biology)
Dr. Jeffrey Charonnat (Chemistry)
Dr. Jennifer Matos (Biology)
Dr. Joseph Hajdu (Chemistry)
Dr. Joyce Maxwell (Biology)
Dr. Kenneth Jones (Biology)
Dr. Larry Baresi (Biology)
Dr. Linda Caren (Biology)
Dr. Maura Mitrushina (Psychology)
Dr. Nicholas G. Kioussis (Physics)
Dr. Randy W. Cohen (Biology)
Dr. Robert Carpenter (Biology)
Dr. Sandra Jewett (Chemistry)
Dr. Susan Collins (Chemistry)
Dr. Stan Metzenberg (Biology)
Dr. Tung-Shan Chen (FES)

RISE Faculty

Dr. Ben B. Yaspelkis (Kinesiology)
Dr. Carrie Saetermoe
Dr. Edward Carroll
Dr. Joseph Hajdu
Dr. Paul Tomasek
Dr. Robert Carpenter
Dr. Robert Espinoza (Biology)                                            Dr. Sandra Jewett (Chemistry)
Dr. Steven B. Oppenheimer
Dr. Taeboem Oh


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