RISE Program at CSUN

The major thrust of the program is to develop minority students, faculty, and institutional involvement in biomedical research.  These funds provide support for faculty research projects, provide scientific equipment, facility renovations, support of students, travel to professional meetings, and release of faculty from teaching to conduct biomedical research.  However, a unique feature of the program is its emphasis on undergraduate participation in biomedical research, including conceptualization of important research questions, design experiments, review of literature, collection and analysis of data, and finally, interpretations and reporting of results at scientific meetings and in scientific journals.

RISE Program Provides:

1. Mentorship and research experience
2. Paid hourly wages for lab time
3. A budget for research supplies and materials & travel
5. Tuition and fees (graduate students only)

Undergraduate Requirements:

1. 15 hrs/week of paid lab time during the academic year
2. 40 hrs/week of paid lab time during the summer
3. Attendance and participation in MARC/RISE seminar series, national student focused and society conferences

Graduate Requirements:

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