MARC Program at CSUN

To achieve its goals, the MARC Program uses an array of research training grants and fellowships.  These grants and fellowships support research training for honors undergraduates in their third and fourth years, and are intended to prepare these students to compete successfully for entry into graduate programs leading to the Ph.D. or combined M.D.-Ph.D. degree in biomedical science.  Potential trainees from the College of Science and Mathematics, Psychology, Kinesiology, and Engineering may choose from various plans to successfully complete their degree.  In addition to the undergraduate curriculum, MARC trainees will also be able to take advanced graduate courses, when appropriate, take a minimum of one semester of biology, complete the writing skills course, take at least one credit of research and/or directed reading each semester, and participate in summer programs.

MARC Program Provides:

1. Mentorship
2. Research experience
3. Financial support (fees, tuition, stipend)
4. Other trainee-related experiences

Undergraduate Requirements:

1. Four week workshop the Summer before junior year
2. 15 hrs/week of MARC related activities including lab time during the academic year
3. completion of MARC thesis
4. Participation in summer programs
5. Attendance and participation in MARC/RISE seminar series, national student focused and society conferences


1. Full-time current enrollment at CSUN
2. Average grade point (GPA) of 3.0 or  better
3. U.S. citizen or permanent residency
4. Must demonstrate an interest and be in the pursuit of Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. in a field of biomedical research and be identified as underrepresented in biomedical research.

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