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CSUEU: Chapter 312, Northridge

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General Information

Upcoming Events

  • 08/13 -- Stewards Council -- OV36
  • 08/20 -- E-Board Meeting -- off campus
  • 09/10 -- Stewards Council -- OV36
  • 09/24 -- E-Board Meeting -- OV36
  • 10/08 -- Stewards Council -- OV36
  • 10/22 -- E-Board Meeting -- OV36
  • 03/19 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center
  • 06/25 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center
  • 09/17 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center
  • 12/09 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center


Other Items of Interest

Updated 06/17/14

{ Executive Board Update }

2014 Budget

In-Range Progression (IRP)

Ballots will be mailed on 26th to the home addresses of all members. Ballots must be received at CSUEU headquarters by 5 p.m. on October 24. If for some reason you haven't received your ballot by September 30, contact Hai-Ling Tang right away with your current address.

Tentative Agreement

Bargaining next contract -- dates and locations

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CalPERS Health Plan Open Enrollment Ends October 10

CalPERS health plan open enrollment began on September 15 and ends October 10. During this time, CalPERS members may choose whether to remain in their current health plan or choose another option. They may also add eligible family members and remove those who are ineligible.

You should have received an open enrollment packet from CalPERS by now. It includes:
  • A personalized Health Plan Statement, which identifies the member's current health plan and which dependents, if any, are enrolled
  • A 2015 Health Plan Premium Rate Sheet and Postcard listing the monthly premiums for the available health plans
  • The Open Enrollment Newsletter, which provides information on health benefit changes for 2015

More than 570,000 CalPERS health plan subscribers will see premium rate reductions of about 3 percent in 2015. Subscribers to Blue Shield of California health plans will see a larger-than-average premium rate increase of just under 15 percent.

Charts listing the scheduled rate increases and estimated premium payments for each health plan may be found in the health Benefits section at CSUN Benefits Administration

View a gallery of 60 photos of the event (click on each thumbnail to the see the entire photo). Learn more about the "Take a Stand!" campaign.

Bargaining 101; Red Cross Disaster Supplies Calendar

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By: Hai-ling Tang

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