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American Society for Quality (ASQ) is the world's leading membership organization devoted to quality.

We have the knowledge, tools, expertise and resources to inspire you and your organization.


ASQ Official Website

ASQ Section 706


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APICS, The Association for Operations Management
Global leader and premier source of the body of knowledge in operations management:

Supply chain
Materials management


APICS Official Website


Why should I join the ASQ?



ASQ membership costs only $27 to be a student member, compared to $129 after graduation!!! It's much less expensive to try it out now. The student branch only requires an active interest in the principals that support quality and the advancement of quality within business and society.

Membership Application-SFV Chapter #706

If you are interested in joining ASQ as a student member, please download the application form, complete it, and send it to ASQ with your payment ($27). You can also join ASQ online. Please (csun.apicsasq@gmail.com) email us with any questions you have! Remember to specify the San Fernando Valley Chapter.