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Ling 408 Semantics and Pragmatics

Contact Information

Instructional Materials

Hurford, James R, Brendan Heasley and Michael B. Smith (2007) Semantics, A Coursebook. (2nd. Ed.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Stilwell Peccei, Jean (1999) Pragmatics. New York: Routledge.  (Reprinted 2002)

Yule, George 1996 Pragmatics. Oxford Introductions to Language Study, Oxford:  Oxford University Press

Important Notices



Class Accommodations

Students with disabilities must register with the Center on Disabilities and complete a services agreement each semester. Staff within the Center will verify the existence of a disability based on the documentation provided and approve accommodations. Students who are approved for testing taking accommodations must provide a proctor form to their faculty member signed by a counselor in the Center on Disabilities prior to making testing arrangements. The Center on Disabilities is located in Bayramian Hall, room 110. Staff can be reached at (818) 677-2684.

  1. Center On Disabilities
  2. National Center On Deafness


More information about the course is posted on WebCT. Students registered for this class will have automatic access to the home page of this course. Please check there for due dates and a detailed description of the course content.

What, where and when?

Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will

Class Meetings

Class sessions will consist of lectures and group activities. Lectures will be accompanied by handouts to facilitate note taking. It is very important that you attend every class. Please let me know if circumstances beyond your control prevent you from attending a particular session. Repeated tardiness and absences will affect your grade.



Your grade will be determined by a midterm and final (30% for each test) your term paper (20%), class participation (5%) and postings on WebCT (15%). The class participation grade will be based on attendance and timely submission of all required materials. Grades for your WebCT postings will be assigned 3 times during the course. A rubric for grading the postings is included on WebCT. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification if you are confused about any grade that you may receive during the course.

A = 92-100, A- = 90-91, B+ = 87-89, B = 82-86, B- = 80-81, C+ = 77-79, C = 72-76, C- = 70-71, D+ = 67-69, D = 62-66, D- = 60, 61, <60 = F