Parenteral Nutrition Case Study Quiz
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  1. Why did the MD order TPN rather than a tube feeding for VH?

  2. List other indications for use of TPN.

  3. What is the difference between PPN and CPN?

  4. Why is CPN preferable to TPN?

  5. Calculate VH's IBW, percent IBW, and percent UBW.

  6. Calculate VH's kcal and protein needs.

  7. Which of the abnormal lab values could be indicative of malnutrition?

  8. Should iron be added to the TPN mixture since VH has a low Hgb and Hct?

  9. Is Vitamin K routinely included in a TPN solution?

  10. Calculate a TPN formula for VH.

  11. What are some potential complications of TPN?

  12. Explain Nutritional Recovery (Refeeding) Syndrome. How can you prevent this from happening to VH?

VH has recuperated from her surgery and chemotherapy well. After one month on TPN, the doctor asked the RD to make a TF recommendation.

  1. Discuss why you would want to start the tube feeding as soon as possible.

  2. Describe how you would recommend making the transition from TPN to TF.