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VH is a 61 year old white female who has taught second grade for 35 years. For the last 6 months she has noticed sharp pains in her stomach and feelings of fullness. Thinking it was ulcers, she tried to ignore the discomfort. However, for the last 3 weeks the pain has become severe enough that she hasn't been able to work. Her appetite has diminished and she noticed she is losing weight. She finally went to the doctor.

VH is 5'3" tall. Her UBW is 144 lbs. During her visit to the doctor, she discovered she had lost 15 lbs and weighed 129 lbs. Some blood work and a UGI series were done. The UGI revealed a tumor in her stomach. VH was immediately admitted into the hospital for removal and biopsy of the tumor. It was found to be malignant with metastases. VH remained in the hospital while chemotherapy and radiation therapy were begun. VH could not tolerate enteral feeding at this time. Her MD asked the RD to formulate TPN recommendations and meanwhile administered D5NS at 50 cc/hr.