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For adults, weight is most accurately measured on a beam balance or electronic scale. Weight should be measured in light clothing, without shoes, and after voiding.

For repeated measures, the same scale should be used, the same time of day, after voiding, in the same weight of clothing. In the morning after voiding and before breakfast is probably the best time.

There are specialized beds that can record the weight of bedridden patients. For patients who cannot stand, weight can be recorded while the patient is in a wheelchair - the wheelchair weight is subtracted from the patient + chair weight to get the patient's weight. A special scale that can accomodate a wheelchair is necessary.

Scales do have upper limits. You can add weights to beam balance scales to increase the upper limit. Remember that for many people, weight is a sensitive issue. Be considerate and avoid showing judgment or announcing the weight aloud, especially if others are around.

Several different methods can be used to determine a patient's appropriate body weight: