Music Piracy

What is Music Piracy?

There has not been a debate this heated for quite sometime and the issues surrounding music piracy are by far more complicated and overloaded with legal terms, such as copyright infringements and so on. What is music piracy? Well according to the RIAA, the Recording Industry Association of America, piracy generally refers to the illegal duplication and distribution of sound recordings [and furthermore] Online piracy is the unauthorized uploading of a copyrighted sound recording and making it available to the public, or downloading a sound recording from an Internet site, even if the recording isn't resold. Online piracy may now also include certain uses of "streaming" technologies from the Internet. With today's technology advancing at record speeds downloading and/or file sharing music has never been easier and as a result from this the recording industry has taken quite a hit, financially and not to mention, artistically speaking.

On this site you will find a brief history of online music piracy, the arguments for and against it, and of course where I weigh in on this heated debate. As of right now, the music recording industry, along with others, are in a raging battle to stop online piracy and are going to every extreme to make this possible.

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