Broadband Field Testing

The Center for Geographical Studies, in consultation with the Geographic Information Center at CSU Chico, provides wireless field verification testing and data collection to support the California Public Utilities Commission in their efforts to improve the understanding of mobile broadband data service capabilities throughout the state. This marks the first time the public and state officials will have access to such extensive information, generally only known by the companies internally.

Caltrans LRS Project

The Center for Geographical Studies is developing and modifying the necessary data to successfully update Caltrans’ Linear Referencing System (LRS) for all locally-owned public roads in Southern California. This data is to be used as part of the coordinated statewide LRS roads layer for Caltrans and associated external partners. The variety of applications for the final product will include California Road Systems (CRS) mapping, displaying event data in web based applications such as Caltrans Earth and desktop GIS software, geo-coding, and the ability to share data and information with other governments, the public, and stakeholders without restriction.