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Civil Engineering & Construction Management


Honors & Awards

02.02.06    Civil Engineering Senior Honored

On February 1, 2006, Chris Norman, a senior in civil engineering, was the recipient of one of the top scholarships presented by the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC).   Chris took home the largest scholarship of $1,000 presented at the Award's Banquet held at the Luminaries Restaurant in Monterey Park, CA.  Other universities present were: UCLA, USC, CPP, CPSLO, UCI, CSUF, CSULA, CSLB, LMU, and Cal Tech.

12.13.05    CSUN Award to Dr. Hegab

Congratulations to Dr. Mohamed Hegab for receiving a Faculty Curriculum Development Grant for the Spring 2006 semester.  The Select Committee considered his proposed course among those that offered the greatest benefit to both our community and CSUN students.

11.30.05    CEAM/CSUN to Host the 2007 National Steel Bridge Competition

The American Institute for Steel Construction (AISC) has selected CEAM/CSUN as the hosting university for the 2007 National Steel Bridge Competition. In making this selection, AISC considered our long time participation to the program, our active student organization and the support of university leadership, among other factors.

04.21.05     University Ambassadors Polished Apple Award to Gadomski

The University Ambassador’s Executive Board has selected Professor Stephen Gadomski to be one of the recipients of the 10th Annual Polished Apple Award. The award honors those who have made a difference in the University Ambassadors’ lives. The Reception and Award Ceremony is at the Grand Salon from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Congratulations to Steve.


04.14.05     Brett Grunert Awarded $2,000 Scholarship by ASCE

Brett Grunert, a junior in civil engineering was awarded the top scholarship at last Friday's Student Night of ASCE Los Angeles Section Younger Member Forum. Three scholarships in the amounts of $2000.00, 1500.00, and $1000.00 were presented to students from Los Angeles and Orange County Universities, and Brett was the top recipient. The ASCE Branch Scholarship is awarded according to recipients’ academic achievement (30%), interest in engineering as a profession (30%), ASCE activities (30%), and potential for leadership (10%). Congratulations to Bret and the civil engineering faculty and staff.


10.29.04      Chris Norman received $5,000 scholarship

The City and County Engineers Association of Southern California has been in existence for over 50 years and is comprised of public works directors sharing and exchanging information to promote the engineering field. This year, the Association awarded two scholarships valued at$5000 and $2500 to two Los Angeles County engineering students who plan to become civil engineers.  Christopher Norman, a junior student in the civil engineering program at CSUN received the $5,000 scholarship based on his scholastic achievements.  He received the award at a ceremony at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.


10.29.04      Inaugural Academic Progress Achievement Award Ceremony

Ninety-four students were honored at an awards ceremony at Grand Salon, Students Union, for making excellent progress toward their respective degree plans. The top number of credit earned was 48 in a twelve-month period preceding the semester. Eleven awardees also received $500 of Scholastic Excellence Award from sponsoring Industrial Advisory Board members. Associate Dean Mike Kabo emceed the ceremony and predicted next year's ceremony would have even more awardees. Provost Harry Hellenbrand presented the Scholastic Excellence Award, which was for students earned a GPA of 3.9 or above. Three awardees had a perfect 4.0.


07.13.04    ASCE Student Chapter and CEAM Alumnus Honored

In a letter addressed to Professor Stephen Gadomski, faculty advisor to the ASCE Student Chapter at CSUN, the Chair of the Committee on Student activities of ASCE informed Steve of the Committee’s decision to select the CSUN Student Chapter for Honorable Mention for its outstanding activities as recorded in the 2003 Chapter Annual Report.  The letter states “The Chapter’s accomplishments reflect the enthusiasm and hard work of your student officers and members, as well as your fine guidance as faculty advisor.”  Congratulations to Steve and the ASCE students.

In a separate letter from the Committee Chair, the Practitioner Advisor of the CSUN ASCE Student Chapter, Mr. Don A. Sepulveda, was honored with a 2004 Practitioner Advisor Certificate of Commendation.  Don was selected for this honor based on his “outstanding work and dedication as practitioner advisor to the chapter.”  Don is an alumnus and P-T faculty.  Congratulations to Don.


06.02.04      Dr. DiJulio Honored by Tau Beta Pi

In the End of the Year Banquet of the Tau Beta Pi, the CSUN Chapter of the Engineering National Honor Society, on May 31, 2004, Dr. Roger DiJulio was honored as the Professor of the Year for the 2003-2004 Scholastic Year. This award is in recognition of his dedication to the students of the College of Engineering and Computer Science and because of his embodiment of integrity and excellence in engineering. Congratulations to Roger.

06.02.04      Steel Bridge Team Placed 16th in the Nation
The CSUN steel bridge team of civil engineering students, after taking the regional championship in April, competed in Golden, Colorado over the Memorial Weekend with other regional top teams. The CSUN team was placed fifth in construction speed, seventh in economy, and 16th overall. Congratulations to the team members and faculty advisor, Dr. Ed Larson.

05.24.04      Professors Schwartz and Larson Honored

The careers of two of our colleagues, Drs. David Schwartz of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Edward Larson of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, were celebrated in a party on May 2. Dr. Schwartz served as faculty, department chair and Associate Dean of the college. He ended his FERP after the spring 2003 semester and is now busy with consulting. Dr. Larson has been teaching as an Adjunct Professor for twelve years after his retirement in 1992 from CSUN. He will now retire from teaching but will stay active as advisor to civil engineering students in their annual steel bridge competition.


5.14.04      University Ambassadors Polished Apple Award to Samara and Spradlin

Two of our P-T faculty, Jack Samara (civil Engineering) and Zen Spradlin (Computer Science) received the Polished Apple Award from the University Ambassadors on May 12, 2004. The award honors those who have made a difference in the University Ambassadors’ lives. Congratulations to Jack and Zen.

4.13.2004      Civil Engineering Students Took Championship at Pacific Conference
Congratulations to CEAM faculty and staff. During the weekend of April 1st through the 3rd, 2004, the team of Henrik Hovakemians, Carlos Cueva, Rufino Lozano(Bridge Captain), Herendira Molina, Ali Kermaninejad, Uyen Lam of the student chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers at CSUN placed 1st overall in the steel bridge competition at the Pacific Southwest Regional Student Conference(PSWRC) held at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. They will move on to the National Steel Bridge Competition next month May 28-29, 2004 at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. The others competitors this year in the PSWRC were CalPoly SLO, UCLA, UC Irvine, UCSD, USC, CSU LA, CSULB, CalPoly Pomona, CSU Fullerton, Loyola Marymount, UNLV, ASU, U Arizona, and the University of Hawaii.

10.16.2003      Professor Stephen Gadomski Honored by ASCE
Professor Stephen Gadomski, chair of CEAM, received on October 4, 2003 the following two awards:
1. Faculty Advisor of the year for 2003 from the Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch of ASCE; and
2. Faculty Advisor of the year for 2003 from the Los Angeles Section of ASCE. Except for San Diego, the Los Angeles Section includes all of Southern California from San Luis Obispo south. Congratulations to Steve.