QUIZ: Learn SVG - Chapter 2

1. Which of these is a way that can define a SVG?
a) standalone SVG page
b) use an <image> tag to embed SVG
c) use an <src> tag to embed SVG
d) no, there is no way to define SVG!

2. Where would you define the SVG document's width and height?
a) In <html> tag
b) In <XML> tag
c) In <object> tag
d) In <SVG> tag

3. To add comments in your code, you use...
a) //
b) /*
c) <!-- -->
d) **

4. Why do we define the SVG as an embedded element in XHTML?
a) Easier to be picked up by a search engine
b) To make the SVG work
c) Part of the process to make a SVG file
d) I don't know

5. What line do you need to specify which SVG version you would use?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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