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Lantis Scholarship Winners Diana Muncy and Kim Pham with Jennifer Helzer

The David Lantis Student Scholarship

The CGS annually awards scholarships to college and university geography students to further their education.  The primary award is the David Lantis scholarship, given each year to one graduate and one undergraduate student.

The David Lantis Student Scholarship is named after the organization’s seventh president, from CSU Chico. David Lantis received the Distinguished Service Award in 1976 and was named Outstanding Educator in 1991. Now deceased, Lantis authored numerous articles and textbooks including a California geography textbook used by educators throughout the state. He was a strong supporter of the California Geographical Society.

If you would like to contribute to the fund started by David Lantis, please consider donating here.

The California Geographical Society urges students to consider applying for
The David Lantis Scholarship Award

Click on the link below for a sample of application details from 2010
Updated applications are available in the conference registration materials each spring.

David Lantis Scholarship Award Application (.pdf - opens in new window)

California Geographical Society members are encouraged post this information at their institution. 

Past Lantis Scholarship Recipients

Stacie A. Townsend, UC Davis (graduate)
Rose Ramirez, Saddleback College (undergraduate)
Natasha Hanley, CSU Stanislaus (graduate)
Brittany Gale, Saddleback College (undergraduate)
Rosamaria Rosen-Teeple, UC Davis (graduate)
Elizabeth Bettencourt Machado, CSU Stanislaus (undergraduate)
Mae Frantz, California State University, Stanislaus (graduate) 
Jenny Novack, University of Southern California (undergraduate)
Diana Muncy, Humboldt State (undergraduate)
Kim Pham, California State University, Fullerton (graduate)
Daniel Hermstad, San Francisco State University (undergraduate)
Amy Marie McGrann, UC Davis (graduate)




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