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Registration Information / Instructions for Mac /Apple Users

If you use a Mac/Apple computer and you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, and you are confident your Mac is set to use Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) to read .pdf files, then you will have no problem with this form. You may scroll to the bottom of this page, click on the registration link and submit the registration form.

My computer uses Adobe Reader or Acrobat to read .pdf files: Click here.

If you are less confident that your computer is running Adobe Reader to open/view .pdf (Adobe) files, then consult the information on the page below.

Additional Information for Mac Users

Testing of this form in a large freshman-level class revealed that many students with Mac computers were unaware of how their computers opened/read .pdf style (Adobe) documents. Most students with Macs found they could open the form, but that it was difficult to read and the submit button did not work properly. If this is happening to you, you probably do not have Adobe Reader on your Mac.

How can you be sure? The image below is a screen capture from a Mac using Preview, rather than the correct software Adobe to open the registration form. This Preview software does not open the file correctly and you cannot submit the registration form using Preview.

Image displaying "Preview" software, which will NOT work for this form.

I thought I had Adobe Reader? Where can I check to see why it's not working?

screen capture indicating that users should look under help and "installed plug-ins" to see if Adobe Reader is installed

The screen capture below show the installed plug-in Adobe Acrobat. This is GOOD.

Screen capture showing Adobe Reader listed as an installed plug-in for Safari.

What if I don't have Adobe installed on my Mac?

No big deal. It's free and useful for a number of purposes beside registering for conferences.

Click on the link below to go to the Adobe download window. It should automatically recognize that you're using a Mac or PC and you should simply follow the instructions and you will quickly have this software on your computer.

**MAKE SURE, after you have installed Acrobat Reader on your computer that you launch it (run it once and click YES when it prompts you to allow it to become the default program for .pdf files). See images below.

Screen capture

This is what you SHOULD see...below

Screen capture of a correctly installed version of Reader

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