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"A Taste of Geography"
California Geographical Society
66th Annual Conference
April 27th-29th, 2012
Davis, California


What a great conference we had in Davis.

Many "thank you's" are due to Debbie-Elliot Fisk and Carrie Ruport-Armstrong for their outstanding efforts, as well as to the great folks at UC Davis and CSU Sacramento that pitched in.

Full details of the conference will be in the CGS Bulletin for Summer/Fall 2012 (opens in new window .pdf format)

Many additional photos and commentary has been posted on our Facebook Page.


The California Geographical Society's annual conference is among the most fun, most educational, most supportive and most affordable professional conference you'll ever attend. This year, it will be one of the most delicious as well...

We are sponsored this year by a generous grant from the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies' Sustainable Transportation Center. We wish to thank them most genuinely, and we hope you'll visit their website to take a look at the really impressive array of initiatives they're working on.

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The 2012 conference will be special for the "foodies" who count among us. Not only will we have our Friday Night Bar BQ mixer, catered lunch and Saturday Night Banquet, but several field trips will focus on the foodscapes of the agriculturally bountiful Delta region.

The Friday night BBQ and mixer will feature a talk by Art Shapiro, "The History of the Sacramento Valley Butterfly Fauna--An Early Glimpse at the Anthropocene". Art Shapiro is Professor of Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis (he has been a professor on campus for about 35 years), a biogeographer, a butterfly authority,an active member of the GGG, and a fabulous speaker.

Saturday morning presidential plenary speaker will be Zelma Long, the owner/winemaking partner at Vilafonte wine estate in South Africa, and owner/winemaker at Long Vineyards in the Napa Valley. She is the former CEO and winemaker for Simi Winery, Alexander Valley, and she consults world-wine on winemaking. She is currently a doctoral student in Performance Studies at UC Davis (part-time with her traveling - she lives in the Alexander Valley). She has received numerous honors as a UCD Outstanding Alumni, James Beard Hall of Fame, International Food and Beverage Forum Hall of Fame, etc.

It's going to be great!

Consult the links below for details about the 2012 Spring Conference in Davis

Conference Information and Registration Materials

This year, the vast majority of conference materials will be mainly served to you in Adobe format (.pdf). We have taken this step to improve the aesthetics, and hopefully the functionality and user friendliness of the registration process. This may require you to download Adobe Reader, or update to the latest version (they were on version 10.1.2 in January). Most of you will already have Adobe reader on your Mac or PC, and won't need any additional software.

Consult the links below to find all the materials necessary for you to successfully register and attend this year's conference.

Basic Information - Read before you register

Single File - with information on registration, membership, meals, field trips, donations and lodging
(374 Kb- opens in new window .pdf)

Individual files with information:

RELEASE/Liability Waiver for Field Trips for Minors under 18 (.pdf)

Registration Form - Read Instructions Carefully

The link below will take you away from this site to This web site will prompt you to either download or open the registration form. It is almost always best to chose the download option. Once you've downloaded/saved a copy of the registration form, you should fill it out, check it for accuracy, print a copy for your records, then click on the submit button to return the data to the California Geographical Society. Once your registration is complete, then you may submit payment.

Registration instructions and warnings for Mac/Apple Users
(opens new window with additional information)

You MUST have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat on your computer for the form to work properly.

If you are presenting a paper, please have your abstract ready.
Deadline for all on-line registrations is April 13th.
"At-the-door" registration is a minimum $55, and carries no guarantees of access to meals or field trips.
Deadline for presenters to submit their registration materials is April 2nd.

You may also want to have your credit card or payment information handy.

Online Registration is now closed. We're looking at a record or near record attendance.

You may register "at the door" to attend the conference sessions, etc.

At the door registration will be $60 for faculty and $45-50 for students.
Few or no "banquet" or BBQ tickets will be available at this point.

The deadline for paper, poster and map submissions has passed.

All Field Trips are sold out, except the biking trip #4 and maybe the #7 trip

Using PayPal and you've already registered, but haven't yet paid?

Click HERE to go straight to the Davis Conferenc PAYPAL portal....but don't pay unless you register!

Program and Abstracts - Subject to Revision! (especially room assignments!)
Conference Materials - All links open in new window
Maps and Directions

Google Map of campus and important conference venues

View CGC Conference, Davis: Important Venues in a larger map

Carpooling and Ridesharing

Need a ride to the conference? - Going to the conference and want to offer a ride?

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