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California Geographical Society
66th Annual Conference
April 27th-29th, 2012
Davis, California


Important reminders:

  • This is the PayPal portal, it allows you to pay by credit card or paypal account.
  • This is the payment page, not the registration page.
  • To use PayPal, please select the categories corresponding to those you chose on the registration page which is probably still open in another window or tab unless you closed it .
  • Don't forget to click the "Submit Form " button on the registration page.
  • Make sure your cost totals on the registration page match the cost totals generated by PayPal
  • Upon adding an item to the cart, you will be directed to the PayPal web site where you may add additional quantities of the item you have purchased, and/or edit the purchase options you have already made.
  • Make sure you click the "Update cart" button if you change quantities or otherwise edit your order.
  • After adding an item to your "cart", you may tab back to this window (or tab) to resume adding items to your cart.
  • Some may need to use the "continue shopping" button in the PayPal window in order to return to this window to add shopping.

Once you have added all the items to your cart, and double checked to make sure it matches your registration form, you may click one of the "check out" buttons.

At checkout you will be presented with two payment options:
1) Pay with a PayPal account, or
2) Pay with a credit card or bank debit card.

* Note: After April 10, 2012 an addition $10 late penalty fee will be applied to each registrant and each registered family member.


ALL CONFERENCE ATTENDEES MUST BE MEMBERS (except for accompanying family)
Minimum cost of attendance is $30 for student members (no journal) who are presenting.

Go back and resubmit your registration form if you must.

Membership- Select from the drop down menu below.
Select "Membership Paid" only if you have paid dues since October 1, 2011.

Membership Fee

Registration and Friday Barbeque Mixer. SOLD OUT of BBQs

Registration and WITHOUT Friday Barbeque Mixer.

Registration Fee ONLY

Family Registration- If you have family attending the conference, please add the correct number below

Meal Options

Remember, the Friday Night Barbeque is included in the registration fee. Only those bring family or other guests need to add that cost.

Friday Night Barbeque - For Family/Guests.

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Evening Banquet

Saturday Awards Banquet

Saturday Evening Banquet - You can order each additional family or guest accompanying you to the banquet a ticket by using the "Add to Cart" button for Saturday Evening Banquet above. Select the "Regular, Retired, Life Members and/or Family" option and click add to cart. You may add additional meals for family by adjusting the quantity in the "shopping cart". If you already have a meal in that category, make sure you click update after you've entered the additional number for family.


There are multiple ways to donate to the CGS. In recent years, donations have fallen off dramatically, perhaps due to the "IRS sensitive" donation system we set up. We thought folks would like to donate in that fashion, but perhaps it was too much hassle to go to another page? You are welcome to donate that way still, but we encourage you to donate a few (or many) dollars to one of our excellent funds today if you find it more convenient.

Enter the dollar amount you selected on your registration form (or more...or even if you didn't put it on your registration) and note the account (e.g., Beaton, Lantis, McKnight, Travel or CGS) then add it to your cart.

Donation Amount
Enter account name or "general"

Field Trips

Read the field trip descriptions (new window, opens .pdf) and select the field trip(s) you would like to attend from the list below.

If you are purchasing multiple field trips for yourself, purchasing field trips for family members, and/or mixing the food options on your trips, then first click the "Add to Cart" button for yourself. If others are coming with you and are selecting the same food option, then note the quantity on the PayPal site. If you are mixing and matching field trips and food options for several guests, then click on the "Continue Shopping" button, which will return you to the options below, and you may then select the from the remaining trips and/or food options on those trips.

** SEATS ARE LIMITED..and you may find your trip "SOLD OUT", you may try selecting another field trip, or another meal option (try vegetarian instead of regular). The CGS will try to keep close tabs on the number of spots available on field trips so that sold out trips are pulled off the site when they are filled.

Friday Field Trips

Field Trip 1: The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta 8 Spots Left (April, 3rd)


Field Trip 2: Yolo County Agriculture - SOLD OUT.

Field Trip 3: Taste of Davis -UC Davis Campus Elephant Tram “Aggie” Tour - SOLD OUT.

Field Trip 4: Ecological Alternatives in Residential Design - 7 Spots Left (April, 3rd)


Field Trip 5: -- None

Sunday Field Trips

Field Trip 6: Lodi Winescapes - SOLD OUT.


Field Trip 7: Sacramento Floodscapes 10 Spots Left (April, 3rd)

Meal Options

Field Trip 8: Sacramento Food Systems and Foodscapes 3 Spots Left (April, 3rd)


Field Trip 9: Cache Creek Natural Area Day Hike


Field Trip 10: Sacramento Diaspora: Perspectives on Environmental, Economic, and Social Justice


When you have selected all your options, please double check to ensure that the price indicated by PayPal matches that generated by the Registration Form.


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