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What a blast!

That was the sentiment expressed over and over by students and faculty who attended this year's conference in San Luis Obispo. We'll have a wrap-up of all the scholarship, festivities, field trips and good ol' geo-fellowship soon here, on our Facebook page and in the pages of our newsletter.



Our newsletter, the CGS Bulletin has gone green!
Summer-Fall 2011 Newsletter

Partly in response to significant increases in publishing and delivery costs, and a number of complaints about the irony of an enviornmentally-aware organization using the US Postal service to deliver mail, we have decided to deliver it to you electronically. It will be sent out via an email attachment several times a year, and you can always find a copies here on our website.

If you'd like to support the pulp and paper industries, you are still welcome to print a copy of the bulletin and carry it proudly with you to Starbucks!

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Who Are We?

Founded in 1946, the California Geographical Society is  the oldest  statewide organization devoted to enhancing the understanding of  geography as well as promoting interaction amongst academic and applied  geographers, as well as  members of the general public who share an  interest  in  geography.

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