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History of the California Geographical Society

THE CALIFORNIA GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY (CGS) is a vibrant organization of geographers from across the state. The strength of the organization has endured over fifty-eight years and currently the CGS is enjoying one of its strongest eras. There are other state geographical societies but none as active and respected as the CGS, which is widely viewed as the premier state geographical society. The CGS hosts a large annual conference; publishes a high-quality academic journal and a professional quality newsletter; awards more than $2,000 annually in student scholarships and prizes, including an
endowed student award; hosts a listserve; and has a diverse membership that includes students, K–12 teachers, community college and university faculty, and applied geographers.
(from Jenny Zorn's retrospective History of the CGS, Vol 43 pp. 67-84)

Read more (.htm version) or link below to read the .pdf version

Read Jenny Zorn's Retrospective History of the CGS (.pdf)
Published in The California Geographer. 2003.  Vol. 43. pp. 67-84.
Permission to republish article kindly granted by Jenny Zorn.



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