CGS Board MeetingFriday, May 2, 2008 California State University, Chico


Members Present: President: Jennifer Helzer, Vice President: Robert Voeks, Secretary: Robin Lyons (Sally Otton: incoming), Treasurer: Dan Walsh, Lisa Foster, Craig Davis, Lin Wu, Richard Eigenheer, Steve Graves, Jim Wanket, Allison McNally, Irene Naesse, Mike Murphy, Matt Ebiner


The meeting was called to order at 9:15.


Approval of Agenda: Dan Walsh moved to approve, Irene Naesse seconded it


Annual Conference:


Discussion of events for Saturday, May 3: Preparation of rooms, computers, vendors, etc.


2009 Annual Conference: Jennifer Helzer and Robert Voeks:Conference with be in Santa Ynez the first weekend of May, 2009.


2010 Conference: Robert Voeks proposed to host it at Cal State Fullerton


Election Results: Dick Eigenheer and Craig Davis:


Problems with elections (online vs mailed in ballots) - further discussion in the future will be needed to solve problems


A big thank you to all of the outgoing board members Irene Naesse, Lisa Fischer, Dick Eigenheer, Robin Lyons


New board members announced officially at the banquet on Saturday: Secretary: Sally Otton, Treasurer: Dan Walsh, Other board members: Joy Adams, Peggy Hauselt, Jason Pittman, Maureen Smith, Nicki Young


Board duties: Jennifer Helzer


Jennifer Helzer will send out an email before the next conference in order to make improvements.She suggested the creation of a CGS Handbook/Manual that includes basic procedures, board duties, commonly used forms and style guides for reports and other CGS Business.


Treasurerís Report: Dan Walsh


The treasurerís report is incredibly difficult during the annual meeting given that our biggest expenses will not be incurred until the close of the meeting itself.


Current CGS operating balance is approximately $30,000. The bulk of this is from conference receipts/registrations up to April 29, 2008. Though a large sum, it is important to note that the expenses at the 2007 Conference were over $20,000 and this does not separate out funds designated by registrants to be for scholarships.


Totaling less than $500 at this time, the vendor receipts are only a small part of these calculations and vary greatly from year to year. This amount will increase by the time the conference is over.


CGS holds two interest bearing CDs, one solely representing funds for the Geosystems Award at $9,300 and the other representing the other awards plus and additional approximately $5k of CGS general funds for a total of $32,000. With recent drops in interest rates, the yield on these accounts has dropped and no longer covers the total amount given in scholarships.


Dan Walsh anticipates that after the conference the scholarship funds will experience a slight slip in total value (awards exceed interest and donations) and no substantial change in total general funds for the CGS itself (there could be a slight increase or decrease).


Jennifer Helzer would like to see a spreadsheet to show costs over time (from year to year)


Membership Report: Jennifer Helzer for John Aubert


As of April 1, 2008 membership stands at 329 (approx. 105 below Apr 1st average for 05-08)


Pre-registration for Chico suggests a boost in membership.


Email sent by Jennifer Helzer and Robert Voeks (Jan, 08) netted approximately 20 renewals, along with other new and renewed memberships which have trickled in since the Borrego meeting.


Previous mailings costing hundreds of dollars have netted more renewals (exact cost unknown).


If USPS is used for future mailings to lapsed members, it should be more targeted (e.g. mail sent to students lapsed 2+ years probably wonít net much)


Three ideas for reaching out to lapsed members:

1. Send simple postcards requesting renewal and/or announcing next meeting (much cheaper and easier to send than envelopes and can be produced in-house)

2. Email

3. Offer an easier way to renew (i.e. online)


October 8 may be a time to review membership fees, or at least review life membership


Discussion/suggestions on how to obtain more members: Robin Lyons suggested offering extra credit for students who go to the conference

Discussion on the monitoring of people entering the conference- distribution of food: Make sure there is someone monitoring at the entrance

Robert Voeks suggested setting a rate for the entire conference (i.e. 1 price for everything)


It was stated that an anonymous donor paid for student presenters to go to the banquet.


Vendor Report: Jim Wanket


Three have sent checks for $525.

Four others committed but no checks delivered.

USC committed on an ad but have not paid for it- Jim Wanket will send them a bill

Discussion about non-profit venders $75 (1/2 price rate)

Future policy: Board decision needs to be made to allow host institution to sell items. Policy needs to be clarified.


CG Editorís Report: Jennifer Helzer for D. Freidel


Suggestions to encourage people to send good papers.


Bulletin Editorís Report: Jennifer Helzer for C. LoVetere


The bulletin looks great!No further discussion.


Website Report: Steve Graves


Number of visits: Clearly a spike about a month before conference

Need to follow who is looking at it, from where, how long are they looking at it, how many times they look at it, etc.


Set up a google alert


Lisa Fischer suggested: Link to jobs in geography


Steve Graves: Checked out options to do a fully on-line registration- He can set it up with a pay pal account


October Board Meeting


Will be at Mike Murphyís house


Some things to be discussed:

Student presenters not registered for conference.What to do about it.

Student award issues



Meeting was adjourned at 10:25 pm