Minutes: CGS Board Meeting, Mike Murphy’s House                                                                               

Saturday, October 4, 2008



1.      Members Present:


President: Jennifer Helzer, Vice President: Robert Voeks, Secretary: Sally Otton , Treasurer: Dan Walsh, Lin Wu, Steve Graves, Jim Wanket, Allison McNally, Mike Murphy, Matt Ebiner, Jason Pittman, Peggy Hauselt, Nicki Young, Maureen Smith, Joy Adams, John Carroll


President Jennifer Helzer brought the meeting to order at 10:00 am.


2.      Approval of Minutes from Spring 2008:


Steve Graves motioned to approve, Dan Walsh seconded it. There was no opposition.


3.      Announcements of General Interest:


Joy Adams announced that there is an open position at Humboldt State for a Physical Geographer. President Helzer announced that there is an open position at California State Stanislaus for a Human Geographer/GIS Specialist


4.      CGS Organization Status:  


--Proposed CGS Official Calendar:


§         4 October 2008 - Fall Board Meeting

§         31 October 2008 – Deadline for Fall CGS Bulletin Submissions (send to Crystal LoVetere):

§         President Column, 2007-2008 Awards and Scholarship Donor List of Names, Call for nominations for outstanding faculty (due date and contact info), Jason Pitman intro piece, write-up for new Student Board Member or other student-focused piece

  • 17 Nov 2008 – Fall/Winter Bulletin completed, sent to printer, and ready to mail.

§         Early November – Final CG manuscript sent to printer.

§         1 December 2008 – Deadline for sending CGS Board nominations to Craig Davis

§         December or February – Winter Planning Meeting for Annual Conference (Required:  Pres. and        Conference Planner, Optional: Past Pres., VP, and others)

§         Early December – Mail CG

§         18 Jan 2008 – Deadline for Spring Bulletin Submissions (Making sure that we get these in the mail since the bulk mail might take some time)

§         1 Feb 2008 – Launch online registration???  Discuss additional deadlines regarding online registration.

§         8 Feb 2008 - Spring Bulletin completed, sent to printer, and ready to mail

§         6 March 2008 - Deadline for SYV Conference Award Nominations (Awards Committee)

§         3 April 2008 – Deadlines for SYV Conference:    Registration, Scholarships, Abstracts, Vendor Registration, Advertising in Conference Program, Publicity and Promotion of Conference, and Election Returns.

§         1-3 May 2008 – CGS Annual Conference in SYV (Spring Board Meeting on Friday, May 2nd)

§         16 May 2008 - Deadline for Summer Bulletin Submissions; Mail Awards Press Releases; additional follow-up associated with SYV Conference.

§         13 June 2008 - Summer Bulletin completed, sent to printer, and ready to mail

§         3 October 2009 – Fall Board Meeting (location TBA)


--Discussion of Board duties; fill vacant duties roster:


President Helzer announced that there were some vacant duties that need to be assigned to board members. A discussion followed regarding the need to include additional board duties to the already existing ones. Vice President Robert Voeks suggested that someone was needed to coordinate each of the 4 categories of student awards at the upcoming annual conference. Joy Adams agreed to be the “super coordinator” of the student awards. There was also a discussion regarding the coordination of judges. It was also suggested that people be assigned to work the registration desk at the annual conference to oversee the student volunteers. Other duties will be discussed as they come up.


5.      Online Registration and Membership Renewal


--Paypal: Steve Graves is trying to get away from paper payment. He has set up a pay pal account.  A discussion followed regarding the use of this pay pal account for the conference and vendor payments.  It was suggested that Steve set up a trial pay pal account to make sure that it works properly. It was also noted that people will still be able to register on paper and pay by checks if they choose.


--Event Register: It was decided that the Event Register would be kept as a backup until the pay pal system was tested out.


6.      2009 Annual Conference in Santa Ynez, May 1-3 – President Helzer for Gail Hobbs


--Updates, draft schedule, field trips, keynote speaker, special events:

President Helzer presented the board with a handout from Gail Hobbs (who was unable to attend). In it, Gail Hobbs listed the venues for the Friday opening session, the Saturday conference sessions and the Saturday Awards Banquet. The conference hotel will be the Holiday Inn Express on Mission Dr., which includes breakfast. This brought up the question about how much food should be ordered for breakfast on Saturday morning. A discussion followed.


Gail Hobbs suggested that field trips leave from the Holiday Inn Express. A list of tentative field trips was presented. There were some concerns brought up about transportation and liability issues. It is the hope of the board not to have to rent vans due to the cost. Someone will check with UCSB, SBCC, Ventura College, Oxnard College, Moorpark College, etc. to see if they can help with transportation.  Van policies need to be checked. Regarding liability issues, Dan Walsh suggested that, as part of the registration for field trips participants should sign a waiver to be included in the online registration materials.


The Keynote speaker will be Ron (Chip) Fenenga, a science teacher at Santa Ynez High School. He has done some terrific GIS work with his students though EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology).


--Conference staffing: It was suggested that Nicki Young, John Carroll, Dan Walsh, Mike Murphy and Craig Davis run the registration desk.  Students are to be there with a CGS representative at all times.


--Spring Board Meeting:  Will be held on Friday night May 2.


-- Miscellaneous Discussion: Gail Hobbs has been on a campaign to avoid the use of “single use” beverage containers. She thinks that we could include in the registration fee the cost of a commuter mug (with CGS logo) to be used during the conference and after. The board discussed how to charge for these mugs. Should the registration be raised, or the meals, or just make it optional.  Joy Adams suggested a mug swap.  The board is to get back to Gail with ideas.


7.      Student Awards & Scholarships:


The board was concerned about students submitting in more than one category. It was suggested that there be only one submission per student in one category. Collaboration was also a concern because in the past many different posters that were variations of the same project were submitted. It was suggested that only the first person is considered the recipient. A related suggestion was to give a certificate to everyone who presents to recognize his or her work. Joy Adams suggested that the criteria be included in the instructions for the call for papers. Joy also suggested that students who are to receive awards be chosen ahead of time from the abstracts that are submitted (All awards?  Unclear, please clarify). It was suggested that abstracts for possible awards be 500 words.

Clarification from Joy: My proposal was to select finalists from the extended abstracts to narrow the number of student presentations needing to be judged and to allow us to "spotlight" the best student presentations for all conference participants (perhaps in a dedicated session composed solely of student competition finalists). If I recall correctly, the group consensus was to try the extended abstract suggestion this year to see if/how it affects the number of entrants (not to select finalists, but just to deter the less serious/prepared competitors), then to revisit the issue after the 2009 conference.


Joy Adams motioned for one presentation per student and in the case of collaborations that only the primary presenter be eligible for the award. Dan Walsh seconded it.  There was no opposition.


8.      CGS Promotional Merchandise & Publicity


Steve Graves stated that he would have the inventory account in the spring.  Treasurer Dan Walsh expressed the concern that each year the organization has been spending more than what it has taken in.  There has been too much inventory left over from the previous years. It was suggested that we only buy enough to replace what was sold out and nothing else.


9.      Treasurer’s Report


Treasurer Dan Walsh announced the need for a clear breakdown of conference revenues from.  It was suggested that money from promotional merchandise and conference money be kept separately.


He also announced that several members made large donations this year. Also an additional $436 was raised by selling raffle tickets at the Awards Banquet. President Helzer expressed a concern about the placement of the donations section on the registration form. It is on the second page on the back and people are forced to look for it.  A change needs to be made to put it in a more prominent place on the online form.


Some areas of concern included the fact that no money was received from USC, McGraw Hill and Rand McNally even though they received recognition and advertising.  Also, the meal costs at the conference stand out as a major expense.


Treasurer Dan Walsh announced that the overall expenses were down this year over last year by $3729. He stated that he does not have major concerns because the organization is taking in more money than it is spending.


10.  Money Matters:


There was a discussion related to travel awards. It was suggested that a cap be put on the number of awards given and that they be limited to 3 or 4 awards at $150 each. Another option would be to allocate $600 and use it as we see fit. It was decided that anyone, K- College could apply for a travel award.


--CD Renewal: Treasurer Dan Walsh asked permission from the board to renew the CD with the appropriate institution. John Carroll motioned to give Dan Walsh permission to open the CD for CGS. Mike Murphy seconded it. Dan Walsh abstained.  There was no opposition.


--Open New Account at Bank of America for PayPal deposits: Treasurer Dan Walsh also asked permission to open an additional account for the CGS. Mike Murphy motioned to give Dan Walsh permission to open this account. John Carroll seconded it.  Dan Walsh abstained.  There was no opposition.

11.  Vendor Report:


Jim Wanket announced that the vendor take has gone down the last 4 years.  He also expressed concern about vendors who are no shows at the meeting.  A discussion followed as to how we can best enforce vendor registration/payment deadlines and how to recruit vendors. It was suggested that maybe we go back to snail mail to contact potential vendors. Nicki Young stated that she would be interested in an outreach to school (ie. letters to principals, etc.) President Helzer suggested that we could allow vendors to sell other things beside textbooks. Jim Wanket suggested that we could give the vendors the option to attend the banquet and Dan Walsh added a suggestion to wave the banquet fees if they donate items.


It was also suggested that student groups should be allowed to sell things but not at the same time and in the same place as the vendors (unless they also pay the vendor fee.) Joy Adams suggested that a compromise could be to allow students to sell things during the opening night barbecue. Robert Voeks moved to accept the compromise that Joy proposed. Joy seconded it.  There was no opposition.


12.  Website Report:


Steve Graves said that he has been able to monitor who has been coming to visit the website. He stated that overall it seems to be working fine with the exception of a few people having trouble finding the conference materials.  He suggested that the board members let him know if they encounter any problems with the site.


13.  Membership Report:


Since John Aubert was not able to attend, President Helzer stated that she will email the membership report at a later date.


14.  CG Editor’s Report:


President Helzer reported for Dolly Freidel. She announced that Dolly would like some input regarding new items. Dan Walsh suggested that there be a section on tourism. It was also suggested that there be a “New Faculty” issue.  President Helzer will give these suggestions to the Editor.


15.  Bulletin Editor’s Report: 


President Helzer reported for Crystal LoVetere.  She announced Crystal is doing a fine job with the Bulletin and others on the Board agreed. The bulletin is now being published at Stanislaus State because the previous publisher no longer supports non-profit organizations. The dates and deadlines for the bulletin are on the calendar.  For submissions of articles, contact Crystal LoVetere.


16.  Nominations for open Board seats:


--Terms expiring in May 2009 (Helzer, Voeks, Murphy, Ebiner): Robert Voeks wants to be nominated for the presidency but he announced that he may only be able to do it for one year.


--Student Representative: Since a student representative is needed for Southern California, Matt Ebiner nominated Zia Salim. Dan Walsh motioned to nominate Zia Salim as the Southern California Student representative. Joy Adams seconded it. There were no oppositions .


--Nominations due March Bulletin:  All nominations for the board need to be sent to President Helzer.


17.  Future Meetings Update:


Vice President Robert Voeks suggested that the 2010 conference be held at California State Fullerton. Mike Murphy motioned for the 2010 meeting be held at Fullerton. Maureen Smith seconded it.  All were in favor.


18.  Old Business:


There was a discussion that moderators for undergraduate papers should not be undergraduates. Matt Ebiner suggested that session chair instructions be put on the website. Joy Adams suggested that presentation guidelines (that include appropriate conduct) also be placed on the website.


President Helzer adjourned the meeting at 3:13 pm.