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The CGS Bulletin

The CGS bulletin is our regular publication that keeps you up-to-date on all the happenings with the folks at CGS.

There is always information in the bulletin regarding the annual conference, but frequently the bulletin includes interesting news from some of our members. The editor of the bulletin continually seeks to increase the variety of news and information published on its pages and to diversify the type of contributors.  If you have a submission idea or would like to share an activity or experience on your campus, please feel free to contact Crystal LoVetere

Traditionally mailed by the US Postal Service, we have recently switched to electronic delivery of the Bulletin to better use scarce funds for student scholarships and conference related activities. We also would like to think we are helping the environment a bit by using electronic delivery.

If you would like to receive your CGS bulletin in paper and by mail please contact Steve Graves at

We are always seeking submissions to the newsletter, please click on the link to find out more!


Tiffany Seeley
San Jose State / Berkeley City College

Links to Current and Past Bulletins :

Click to below to hyperlink to .pdf version of bulletin

Current Bulletin

Fall - Winter 2014, Volume 68: 3
Unapproved Minutes - Fall 2014, Board Meeting


Summer 2014, Volume 68:2

Spring 2014, Volume 68:1
Approved Minutes from Spring 2014 Board Meeting

Summer-Fall 2013, Volume 67: 2
Minutes from Fall 2013 Board Meeting

Spring 2013, Volume 67: 1
(mintues from Fall Board Meeting - 2012)

Summer-Fall 2012, Volume 66:1
(Approved minutes from Spring Board Meeting)

Summer - Fall 2011, Volume 65: 2
(Approved minutes from Fall Board Meeting)

Spring 2011, Volume 65:1
(approved minutes from Bishop Meeting Board Meeting)

Spring-Summer 2010, Volume 64:1

Fall-Winter 2009, Volume 63:3

Summer 2009, Volume 63:2

Spring 2009, Volume 63:1

Fall-Winter 2008, Volume 62:3
** (Fall Board Meeting Minutes- Not Yet Approved- Web Addendum)

Summer 2008, Volume 62: 2
**(Spring Board Minutes- Approved-Web Addendum)

Spring 2008, Volume 62:1

Fall-Winter 2007 61:2
**(Fall Board Meeting Minutes -Approved- Web Addendum)

Summer 2007 61:1
**(Spring Board Meeting Minutes-Approved- Web Addendum)

Fall-Winter 2006, Volume 60:3

Summer 2006, Volume 60:2

Spring 2006, Volume 60:1

Fall-Winter 2005, Volume 59:3

Summer 2005, Volume 59:2

Spring 2005, Volume 59:1

 Fall-Winter 2004, Volume 58:3

Summer 2004, Volume 58:2

Spring 2004, Volume 58:1

Fall-Winter 2003, Volume 57:3

Summer 2003, Volume 57:2

Spring 2003, Volume 59:1


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