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What is is a firm offering a variety of services from basic Website Design and Distance Learning to complete e-commerce website development

Let us assist you in developing full interactive websites with appealing graphics and accessible coding. Our website design clients range from small start-up companies to large educational corporations and everything in between. Request a quote today!

Our focus is in three areas: 1) Superior website design incorporating accessibility and usability, 2) Distances Learning (Online workshops & courses), and 3) dissemination of web’s best practices with regards to new technologies.

We have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality!

Learning Styles

Information about learning styles and Multiple Intelligence (MI) is helpful for everyone especially for people with learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. Knowing your learning style will help you develop coping strategies to compensate for your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. This page provides an explanation of what learning styles and multiple intelligence are all about, an interactive assessment of your learning style/MI, and practical tips to make your learning style work for you. » Learning Style Questionnaire 

What's AJAX

Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

( The heart of AJAX lies with XmlHTTPRequest (or XMLHTTP) object. Client side developers can initiate a request without refreshing a whole web page. e.g. DHTML on steroids )

Ajax isn't a technology. It's really several technologies, each flourishing in its own right, coming together in powerful new ways. Ajax incorporates:

  • standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS;
  • dynamic display and interaction using the Document Object Model;
  •  data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT;
  •  asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest;
  •  and JavaScript binding everything together.

The classic web application model works like this » AJAX Article

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 Are you interested in step-by-step video   instruction on creating accessible content?

Website Usability (ease of use)
Website Accessibility
Create accessible PDF's
Create accessible Word docs
Adding video captioning
Create accessible Forms
Create accessible class lessons
Sec508 Overview
W3C Standards

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