Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Instructions on the Use of the
Online Evaluation of Candidate Fieldwork



The College of Education has changed to an online system for fieldwork evaluation in all of our credential programs (e.g. student teachers, administrators, counselors). The online evaluation forms have the same content as the forms you have used for the past several years. Having them online will make it much easier to keep track of our candidates' progress and analyze our programs as required for accreditation and decision making.

Below are the eight steps in this process. We hope that these steps will be fairly simple and that you will find online evaluations to be very similar to the paper evaluations.

You can download a 1-page printable version of these instructions here.


Step 1:

Check your email for a message with your Evaluator ID. This ID will not change, so save this email for future reference.
University supervisors will get email sent to their CSUN email account.

Step 2:

As the time for evaluation nears, check your email for a message with a password. You should receive a separate password email for each candidate you are supervising.

Step 3:

Login to the COE Evaluation System using the password for your candidate by going to the following website:

Step 4:

Fill out the evaluation for your candidate.

Step 5:

Click "Save Temporarily" to save your evaluation.

Step 6:

Log back in and click "Print Version" to get a printable window.
Print this out to discuss with your candidate.

Step 7:

Discuss the evaluation with your candidate and have him/her sign the printout and save this copy for your records.

Step 8:

Return to the Evaluation website and login with the same password.
Enter the date when the evaluation was discussed and click "Submit."
Once you have submitted the evaluation, you will not be able to change it again.

Your evaluation is now complete; a copy of the report will be emailed to you and to the candidate.


For help with this system, contact the appropriate person in your department.
Click here for the contact list