Project Focus #1

Increase knowledge about glial cell evolution among earliest metazoans.

Project Focus #2

Understand neural crest migration as modulated by the Tumor-suppressor Slit.

Project Focus #3

Identify molecules that determine the specific migratory pathways decisions by neural crest cells.

Project Focus #4

Look at neural crest markers through evolution in sharks, snakes and lampreys.

Maria Elena de Bellard

Ph.D., The City University of New York

Associate Professor

Department of Biology

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My lab focuses on studying Neural crest cells, glial cells and the evolution of both.

Spring 2015

News and Announcements

Dr. de Bellard teaches BIOL 281 (Human Physiology) and BIOL 441 (Experimental Embryology).

For more information about deBellard Lab and any of its projects, research and publications call (818) 677-6470 or email us at