What do Behavior Analysts do & what are their employment opportunities?

Behavior analysts work with people of all ages, from early childhood to geriatrics, and in multiple settings such as homes, schools, hospitals, residential facilities, rehabilitation centers, research labs, and places of business. The scope of Applied Behavior Analysis includes, but is not limited to: developmental disabilities (e.g. Autism, Mental Retardation), severe problems (e.g. Schizophrenia), anxiety, parenting, marital conflict, gerontology, behavioral medicine, sexual dysfunction, addiction, crime and delinquency, school, classroom and organizational management (see www.abainternational.org for various special interests such as Behavioral Medicine, Organizational Behavior Management).

For information on job postings or local employment opportunities, check out the “Employment Board” in Sierra Hall outside of SH304, or visit http://www.calaba.org/ employment.asp, www.autismspeaks.org, www.abainternational.org


Click here for a PDF file released by the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts for information on salary and job demand







Employment Opportunities