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CSUN Psychology department currently offers undergraduate and graduate training in Applied Behavior Analysis. Although we previously had a very successful Post-MA BCBA program for candidates with relevant MA degrees, we are no longer offering this program. We are now only focusing on our graduate MS program in Applied Behavior Analysis (formerly known as Psychology option in Behavioral Clinical Psychology) within which students take the BCBA course-series. Please see below....

 If you are interested in the Undergraduate Psychology course-work to meet BCaBA educational requirements please go to: http://www.csun.edu/~bcba/index_files/BCaBaUndergraduate.html

 For program information, curriculum, faculty, application and schedule of classes for the MS in Applied Behavior Analysis (MS + BCBA course-work) (formerly known as Psychology, Option in Behavioral Clinical Psychology) please go to: http://tsengcollege.csun.edu/programs/aba

 For information about what BCBAs do and information about the employment demand for the profession please go to: http://www.csun.edu/~bcba/index_files/MastersABA.html

 For information regarding the Training, Supervision, and Performance Management Applied Behavioral Research Lab, current presentations, a guide for graphing single-subject designs, offering structured supervision, and tips for applying to graduate schools please go to http://www.csun.edu/~klab/

 If you have information regarding the behavioral psychology course-work, please contact Dr. Kazemi at ellie.kazemi@csun.edu.