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Veracruz: Steps







Veracruz is one of the most popular regions due to the elegance of its customs and the rhythm of its music. The "sones" of Veracruz are played with a "marimba", bass, harp, and a small guitar called "jarango". Both women and men wear white customs with a red "reboso" for women and red tie for men. The origin of the music "sones" comes from a combination of Spanish, Caribbean, and Mexican ethnic groups. The dances  have a medium to advanced level of complexity in the footwork. In addition, many times, women have to have great balancing skills as they have to wear a glass of water or a candle on the top of their heads while they dance.



At BFA we perform the following songs and we are currently expanding our program.

El Colas

El Canelo

El Trompo


El Tilingo Lingo

El Huateque

La Bruja

La Bamba

El Cascabel

El Fandango Jarocho

El Coco

El Torito Jarocho



Photo Gallery

 Please take a look at our photos of Veracruz!


Performance at Los Angeles, CA

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