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2010 News Releases

Northridge, CA -  Feb  25th

Region of Jalisco - February 27th we will begin to learn the region of Jalisco for our annual Folklor de México show and we will also review the regions of San Luis Potosí and Tamaulipas Norte.


Tardeada Mexicana- Fundraiser for BFA de CSUN’s 7th annual Folklor de México taking place on March 7th.


Location: Hermandad Mexicana

@7915 Van Nuys Blvd.

Van Nuys CA 91402


Time: 3pm

Ticket Prices: 10$ for adults; 8$ for kids under 12

Entertainment: BFA de CSUN, Ballet Folklórico Las Estrellas

Conjunto Norteno, Singer, DJ

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2008 News Releases

Northridge, CA -  May  3rd

Our 5th Folklor de Mexico Concert has been a complete success and one achievement more to BFA. We are very happy and thankful to all of our sponsors, participants and to our dearest public that make that this concert look so colorful and sound as strong as the Mexican culture and folklore. Thank you! We have posted some pictures here in our website and we have some more at this link. Thank you to the people that took and shared their pictures with us!

Northridge, CA - January 14th

BFA's first yard sale of the year on January 26th. If you are interested in donating or buying, please contact us!

Northridge, CA - January 14th

BFA annual Raffle for January 26th. Please contact us to get your tickets!

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2007 News Releases

Northridge, CA December 15th

We cannot wait to celebrate this holiday season all our achievements of 2007. We had our Folklor de Mexico concert, which was a sounded success and our continuous performances throughout the year. Plus our social and curricular activities that keep our group up and dancing! We wish all our members, families, friends and everybody all the best for the new 2008!

Northridge, CA November 17th

As part of our social activities, we BFA members celebrated Thanksgiving. We have some pictures to share with you!

Northridge, CA November 15th

Kick off to our Fifth Folklor de México Annual Concert! which will take place on May 3rd, 2008. Please contact us if you would like to be a guest participant or sponsors.

Canoga Park, CA June 10th

BFA had his annual banquet to acknowledge all the spirit and hard work of its members that they showed during this scholar year. The event took place at La Sierra Restaurant, in Canoga Park. Special awards were granted to María Rosales, Cindy Padilla and Lorena Lopez for member of the year, most spirited member and most improved member, respectively.  Congratulations BFA for a new year full of achievements!! If you would like to see pictures of the event, please click here!

Northridge, CA April 13th

Ballet Folklórico Aztlan de CSUN’s fourth annual “Folklor de Mexico,” music and dance concert included dance performances from the states of Jalisco, Michoacán, Zacatecas and Costa de Sinaloa. Our performers were  Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN, Danza Mexica Cuahutémoc, Teatro Aztlán, Ballet Folklórico Las Estrellitas, Paso De Oro Dance Company and Mariachi Estrellas de Jalisco del Condado de Ventura. Sponsors included Chicana/o Studies Department and CSUN’s Educational Opportunity Program. See more pictures of the concert here!

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2006 News Releases

Los Angeles, CA June 10th

One more year has passed full of accomplishments. We are proud and very thankful for all the people and organizations that have helped us to achieve our goals of this scholar year. E-board has also recognized and awarded all of its members, specially Marina Gonzalez as member of the year, Cindy Padilla as most spirited, and Daniel Rosales as most improved. Of course, we could not leave this year without a proper celebration! We had dinner at a traditional Mexican restaurant with the outstanding performance by Prof. Diaz and Mariachi Los Camperos. Please visit our Last Event section for pictures!

Northridge, CA May 9

Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN has been awarded the "Best Creative Online Community" site and "Best Entertainment Program" for our Folklor de México concert by the Matador Involvement Center (M.I.C.)". The Clubs and Organizations Awards Ceremony takes place every year at CSUN Campus where the MIC offers its awards and special acknowledgements to the talented members of its community.

We thank the MIC and its award committee for such a special awards. Please visit our winning section at MIC.

Northridge, CA May 4 and 5

As every year, B.F.A. has performed for several events related to the 5 de Mayo festivities. It is an honor and a pleasure to be part of these celebrations and share once more time, the colorfulness of the Mexican folklore.

Northridge, CA April 19

Another interesting article from CSUN Daily Sundial. This time talking about the details of our 3rd Folklor de Mexico Concert. See the nice touch with which Nancy Molina describes the event, making you feel as if you had been there. For more details about the article, please visit this link.

Northridge, CA, April 7

BFA successfully presented Folklor de Mexico concert 2006!! The outstanding performances of all dancers were again, a beautiful manifestation of the Mexican folkloric music. Please visit our concert section for more details and pictures! We thank to all participant groups, staff, and our lovely audience for making this night be so bright and full or color.

Northridge, CA - April 6

CSUN Daily Sundial publishes an interesting article wrote by Taline Helwajian  regarding the preparation of Folklor de Mexico concert. All the dances, costumes, and other group participations that have to be ready by that day. Find out more about this article here.

Northridge, CA - April 5

BFA de CSUN in the news! BFA had an interview with The L. A Daily news and will have another one with Telemundo. The interview with one of the top newspapers of Los Angeles took place this morning at CSUN. Lisa M. Sodders, from the L.A. Daily news interviewed BFA members Marina, Diana, Marina, Lety, Daniel, and Emiliano. You can find this great article here! as well as the pictures that were taken.

Northridge, CA - April 3

BFA is pleased to announce that Johanna Carla Ortega, from North Hollywood High School and Anabel Rodriguez, from CSUN, have won the 2006 BFA Scholarship. Congratulations to these two dedicated students!! The scholarship will be officially awarded at our Folklor de México concert on April 7.

Northridge, CA - March 29

Successful Fundraiser at Baja Fresh! The funds will be used to support FDM concert preparation. Thanks to everybody that was there to help this fundraiser.

Northridge, CA - March 16

Folklor de México tickets on sale!! This great concert is coming on April 7, at the Performing Arts Center on CSUN Campus. Come and enjoy the beautiful Mexican folkloric music and dances. Get your tickets at CSUN A.S. Ticket Office or at TicketMaster.com. For more details click here or contact us for any questions you may have!

Winnetka, CA - March 12

BFA had a Successful Yard Sale as one of its fundraiser campaigns. The funds will be used for our concert this year. Thank you very much to all who helped donating, selling and buying items!

Northridge, CA - February 21

BFA's scholarship is back in 2006! To apply for the BFA scholarship, you will need to read, complete and send the application packet to BFA de CSUN Scholarship Committee. The application packet must be postmarked by March 10, 2006. The application is also available in Spanish.

Calabasas, CA - February 11

BFA performed in La Cantina Restaurant in a fundraiser event for Sherman Oaks Elementary School. The group was great performing its new songs in the program of the region of Veracruz.

Northridge, CA - January 28

Every year, BFA has a photo session to update the group picture as well as the different region attires that are in the group's program. Please visit our "Who are we?" and "Performances" sections and enjoy our new pictures!

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2005 News Releases

Northridge, CA - December 5

As part of its community activities, BFA will be donating canned foods and clothing to the SAN FERNANDO RESCUE MISSION who helps out needy families and the San Fernando Community during this holiday season. Please bring any canned foods or clothing to practice on Saturday December 17thCanned Food and Clothing only please!! Thanks!

Northridge, CA - November 11

BFA has officially started to prepare its Folklor de México music and dance concert. This annual concert encompasses music, theatre, pre-Hispanic and folkloric dances from Mexico. Please visit our Folklor de México section to learn more about this exciting event that will take place on April 7, 2006!

Canoga Park, CA - Novemeber 6

Continuing with "Día de Muertos" (Day of the Dead) celebration, Ballet Folklórico Aztlán performed Veracruz and Jalisco in Madrid Theater. Veracruz has become BFA's favorite region to perform in "Día de Muertos". BFA traditionally dances "La Bruja" (The witch), a song that women dance with a candle on the top of their heads.

Montebello, CA - November 5

Another great performance of Tamaulipas and Jalisco! this time to celebrate one of our member's family reunion. It is great to perform for our family and friends and even better when we have new repertoire!

Northridge, CA - October 28

As every year, MEChA de CSUN has organized its traditional Mexican "Día de Muertos" (Day of the Dead) event. BFA is a proud participant of this celebration usually performing the region of Veracruz. The elegance of the Veracruz dresses combined with the special make-up that represents a "calavera", made of this show a joyful white-and-black presentation. Cindy Padilla showed again her talent in presenting for the first time, "El Cascabel", a song that she has adapted and directed specially for BFA.

Los Angeles, CA - September 25

Repeating the success of its last performance, BFA has shown a beautiful Tamaulipas and Jalisco shows. It is important to point out that not only Tamaulipas has come back in BFA's program, but also a new repertoire of Tamaulipas songs. This time, "El Caballito", "La Malageña", and "El Querreque" have been added to the list!

Woodland Hills, CA - September 24

For the first time in almost two years, BFA performed the region of Tamaulipas. BFA performed for San Fernando Bar Association and the show a lot of success. The credits also go to our regional instructor Hector Aguilar, for his great job teaching Tamaulipas and creating the choreography for the songs.

Northridge, CA - September 18

Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN has a new website! BFA has published a new updated and improved web site which goal is to provide the public with enough information about our activities. The new website features detailed sections about our group activities, performance program, photos, and even videos. We hope you enjoy it!

Northridge, CA - September 16

Ballet Folklórico Aztlán successfully performed the region of Jalisco at the Satellite Student Union, for the MEChA's End-Dependence Day annual celebration. Cindy Padilla, BFA's Jalisco instructor and choreographer, has proudly presented for the first time in public, two Jalisco classic songs: "El Carretero" and Las "Abajeñas".  These songs will now be incorporated to BFA's regular program.

Los Angeles, CA - September 10

BFA performed at Hermandad Mexicana's September's celebration. The region presented was Jalisco.

CSUN Campus - September 9

BFA de CSUN had its periodical Information meeting Day. The goal of this event is to invite students and people of the community to join BFA. During this session, BFA members give a brief introduction of Mexican folkloric dance and explain the diverse activities of BFA. The informational meeting represents one of the most important recruitment sources for the group. This time attendance was about twenty new candidates. We hope all of them come back and dance with us at BFA!

USC Campus - September 3

BFA performed for a "Quinceañera". The selected region was Jalisco and the dancers as usual, gave a great show with their skirt work. The credit must also go to Cindy Padilla for her good job as a choreographer.

City of Industry, CA - August 13

BFA performed at the Equestrian Center. The successful performance included the well known "Danza de los Viejitos" from Michoacán and the "Jarabe Tapatio" and "La Negra" from Jalisco.

Canoga Park, June 23

Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN performed the region of Jalisco at the West Hills Worksource Center Open House.

Northridge, CA - June 3

Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN Banquet. Gina Chiche and her team gave a presentation of BFA's achievements during June 2004 to May 2005. Diana Cabral was elected as BFA Chair as well as the members of the new Executive Board for June 2005 to May 2006.

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