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Jalisco has not only one of the most popular dances in Mexico but it is a symbol of the Mexican folkloric dance. Jalisco is also well known for its Mariachi music that goes around the world playing songs like "El Jarabe Tapatio", "El Son de la Negra", and "Cielito Lindo" among others. Many of the most popular "sones" and "jarabes" of Jalisco were born during the XXVIII century. The elegance of the Spanish dresses combined with the music, colors and character of the Mexican culture, gave birth to one of the most traditional dances in Mexico.

Jalisco, as most of Mexico states, uses different attires for its dance. The most common one consists in the long skirt that women extend by opening and waiving their arms. The attire goes with a long sleeve and high neck shirt. Both, the skirt and the shirt should match the fabric and have the same colorful ribbons decorating in zigzag fashion. The other traditional Jalisco attire is kwnon as China Poblana. This attire consits in a long but straight skirt finely decorated with spangles on all its surface. This attire goes with a short sleeve shirt decorated with embroidered flowers.


BFA performs most of the popular Jalisco sones and jarabes. Here is a list of them:

El Jarabe Tapatio

El Son de la Negra

La Chata

El Gusto

El Angel

El Gavilancillo

La Vaquilla

La Madrugada

Las Alazanas

Los Tranchetes

Las Abajeñas

El Carretero

.... among others!


Photo Gallery

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