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We are Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN. We were originally chartered in the 1960’s and were successful until 1994, when the Northridge earthquake struck our campus. The need to re-charter the group was brought about in the Fall of 1997 by the students and faculty alike. Our group has been recognized as one of the most active student groups on the California State University, Northridge campus and in the San Fernando Valley. To date we have been very successful, performing in and around the great state of California!

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BFA Organization

As a CSUN organization, BFA has a constitution and an Executive Board that organizes all of our activities:

BFA Chair: Cindy Padilla

BFA Vice-Chair: Eva Marie Barajas

Treasurer: Karla Mendoza

Administrative Assistant: Victor De La Rosa

Folklor de Mexico Directors:  Diana Cabral 

Fundraising Director: Danny Rosales

 Facebook/Myspace Webmaster: Cindy Padilla and María Arenas

 Advisor: Marina Gonzalez





Besides practicing dances from different regions of Mexico, we also have a great variety of other activities:


We organize fundraisers that help us cover the cost of attire, accessories, and other items for our group.


We consider social events an important part of our activities. We believe they help our members to get to know each other better and make us stronger as a team.


We attend workshops to improve our dancing skills.


As a professional group, we perform at different events such as weddings, celebrations, and school graduations.


We organize and participate in several community service projects as part of our commitment to reach out to the surrounding community.


We also organize Folklor de México, an annual music and dance concert that encompasses music, theatre, pre-Hispanic and folkloric dances from Mexico.


BFA's E-board awards the Member of the Month title to those members that showed improvement, and enthusiasm during the month.


BFA Scholarships are awarded by the BFA Scholarship committee each year during the first quarter of the year to talented and dedicated students . 

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