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Learning and having fun...

At BFA we enjoy dancing "folklórico" because it is not only a way to keep Mexican culture and traditions alive but it is also a great way to exercise and have a hobby in our spare time.

We learn to dance music from different regions of Mexico including:
















Many of our members have been in the group for several years and they are very knowledgeable in many of the regions, including the attire required and choreographies. When necessary, they teach us each of the songs from the very basic steps. We do not require new members to have previous experience since we constantly learn new songs, so everybody is at some point a "newbie"!

We also look forward to improving our dancing skills by attending conferences like Danzantes Unidos. Part our program includes songs that we have directly learned from Prof. Miguel Diaz, who teaches Folklórico at CSUN and is one of the best professional dancers in California.

We practice* at the CSUN Campus

Jerome Richfield Building, Room 118.

California State University, Northridge students, alumni, and community members of Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN need to fill out  a membership/community participant form. After becoming a member/community participant and attending the majority of general practices, members/community participants will have the opportunity of participating in the majority of scheduled performances.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to live the great experience of dancing Mexican folklórico!

If you are looking for Mexican folkloric dance accessories, we have some references here for you.


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Informational Events

BFA participates and organizes different recruiting events where we provide you with information about our activities. Our participation includes events such as Orientation Week at CSUN and Meet the Clubs Day.  We also organize an Informational Meeting in our practice room, where all our visitors can learn and experience Mexican folklorico dance the very same day! For more information regarding these events please contact us, we will be very pleased to assist you.


Click here to see our video presentation!


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We would like to invite you to take Prof. Miguel Diaz's class as well!!

Have fun while earning credits... Enroll in a Mexican Dance class taught by Maestro Miguel Díaz.

See video here!

Offered by the Chicana/o Studies Department Every Fall and Spring Semester. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the art of Mexican folkloric dance with one of the best teachers in California.


Enroll this fall 2007 in Prof. Diaz's class:

Folkorico (Dance Mex II)/ Lab

Course: ChS 415/415L  #16376/16377

Location: JR 118       Date/Time: Mon 4:20-7pm


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A day in the life of BFA ...



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We learn starting from the very basic steps

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