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El Carretero

Las Abajeñas


El Careterro

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1)   Start with  L-R remate (gusto vuelta L-R)

2)   L-R Remate with Preparacion

3)   Zapateado start with L, with L-R,L remate

4)   Borracho w/ Zapateado y vuelta start with L foot zapateado R-L (1 set) with remates after borracho L,R,L before vuelta to the L *(note one arm skirt movement)alternate

5)   Preparacion (L-R remate)

6)   Triple Cruzado (L-R) Cruzados con cepillado(2 sets)

7)   Madrugada Pateadas con descanzo start with R, descanzo with Left (2 sets)

8)   Volados con Tornillo(2 complete sets)  start with(L-R) remate, volado L-R (1st)set continue with tornillo(R foot)(4)count, continue with second set (same)

9)   Repeat 2-8 (same order)

10)  Ending Cruzado singles (L-R) for (3)


Las Abajeñas

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1)      Remate L, R

2)   Volado de Frente volado start with L (1 set), 2nd  set starts with R, 3rd set right L when starting last volado de frente set with your R you go into the borracho(more like a ½) total(3 ½ sets)

3)   Boracho 1st is led by Right foot after you finish the half volado de frente (4 )

4)   Single Tornillo step (R) 3  heel count , Remate R,L Single Tornillo step with (L) 3 heel count, then continue with Remate L,R con vuelta to the Left and then Right then ending with L,R Remate (2 sets)

5)   Alazana step start L - R, (4)

6)   Cruzado with swipe L-R(4)

7)   Puntillas Start with R puntilla, L puntilla, zapateado with L,  L,R,L Remates (2 sets)

8)   Pateadas start with Right ( R, L,R) then R,L,R Remates (2 sets)

9)   Madrugada Step with Right alternate with L (4)

10) Single Tornillo(Repeat)

11) Volado de Frente (4 ½ sets)

12) Borracho with R (5)

13) Madrugada(4)

14) Pateadas (2 sets)

15) Alazanas(4)

16) Cruzado with swipe to L (3)




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