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Group 3's End of Semester Project

The crew of this S.S. Minnow


Anush Vardanyan
Candis Welch
Kim Johnson
Thania Delgado
Aldo Sarellano


Professor Hardy Immortalized in quasi mosaic form

Working on the Project
Group 3 coming together to get their project done
Another shot of group 3 working together on their project
Creativity in progress, keep it moving!
Candis looking for direction
Aldo trying to figure out what to do with a random piece of paper
Thania taking a second to collect herself before continuing
Anush trying to describe her plan conspiringly to Thania


Class Involvement
The class, set to cutting out stips of colored paper for us
Members of the class looking at us confused while we give them busy work


Finished product
Anush holding up our finished product of Professor Hardy in paper strip form
Group 3 holding up the finished product and showing it off to the class
A close up image of the finished project. A representation of Professor Hardy made from strips of colored paper. The background comprised of red strips, her sweater made up of blue/purple strips, her shirt made of Yellow strips, face made up of skin tones, and lips made up of lips
Professor Hardy standing next to her artistic representation


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