Psychology 420:  Advanced Statistical Methods


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Office: ST 302 Office Hours: M TBA
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Stat Lab Hours in SH 341

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320 notebook (.pdf) Review Notes (.ppt) (.pdf) Basic ANOVA and GLM (.ppt)(.pdf)
One-Way ANOVA (.ppt)(.pdf)
Factorial BG ANOVA part1 (.ppt)(.pdf) part 2 (.ppt)(.pdf) part 3 (.ppt)(.pdf)
1-way Within Subjects Designs (.ppt)(.pdf) Factorial Within Subjects (.ppt)(.pdf) Mixed ANOVA (.ppt)(.pdf)
ANCOVA (.ppt)(.pdf) Other Designs (.ppt)(.pdf)
Lab #1 – 320 review ANOVA Steps to Lab #1
Lab #2 – basic anova
Lab #3 – more one-way, Using PC-Size G*power.exe, Using G*power
Lab #4 – short factorial ANOVA lab Steps to the hand calculations Regression Approach in Excel
Lab #5 – 1-way within subjects design
Lab #6 – Factorial within subjects designs
Lab #7 – Mixed ANOVA
Lab #8 – ANCOVA
Lab #9 – More ANCOVA
Lab #10 - Random Effects    

1-way ANOVA worksheet1; 1-way ANOVA worksheet 2

3-way ANOVA work sheet

Practice Tests
Exam 1 (part 1) (part 2) (Key part 1) (Key part 2) (A Solution for the Regression Matrix)
Exam 2 (part 1) (part 2) (Key part 1) (Key part 2)
Final (Key)